Why You Should Consider Joining Traveling Vineyard

“It is hard to know if you like a wine unless you try it first.” This was the single idea back in 2001 that led to the creation of a new business.

After nine years however, Traveling Vineyard declared bankruptcy and things looked bleak until it was purchased by Rick Libby who took a gamble with his money to see if his investment could pay off during the Great Recession. Suffice to say that seven years later Libby’s decision paid off and will continue to pay itself off in the years to come.

Traveling Vineyard works by having its newly acquired employees assigned to a leader in their local area who will go about putting the new recruits through training and remain around to as a source of help regardless if the new recruit later forms their own team. In addition to this, once you are a member you will have access to the Tasting Room, Traveling Vineyard’s very own online training center that will give modules for every possible thing you’ll need for your new job as a wine guide.

The benefits for working for Traveling Vineyard are: Setting your own work schedules, spend your work time tasting and discussing wine, developing bonds with clients and coworkers, and making a good profit from doing all of it.

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