Betsy DeVos Is Smashing Socioeconomic Discrimination in Public Education

For a very long time, Betsy DeVos has been at the front line in improving education quality and availability. Even during here early years at Calvin College she was extremely active in school politics. She has experience leading campaigns and political committees for over 30 years. She was even the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for a period of time.

Both she and her husband (who was a governor) has taken the initiative for social change. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is at the center of their charitable efforts. Betsy also leads the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.

As a supporter for school choice, she believes that children should be able to attend schools that are beyond their zip codes. She is also a fan of Milton Friedman and his book The Role of Government in Education. She is proud of the fact that she has helped hundreds of thousands of students get into publicly-funded private school programs. These private schools are realistically the only choice for students to receive a quality education from outside their zip codes. The fact that poor people are essentially stuck in certain public schools is the last forefront of racist segregation in the country.

Betsy Devos had realized the educational issues that low-income parents were facing when they had children themselves. Many parents in their area had sent their children to religious private schools like Potter’s House Christian School in order to keep their kids in a safe environment. Although the parents did not have the budget, they still paid the high fees in desperation to keep their kids safe. Betsy had begun supporting individual students with their educational fees in order to keep them in school.

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Betsy’s husband ran for the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990 to help change the educational issues in the state. They had also started a foundation to give private school scholarships to low-income families. Betsy also served on the board of Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. They had also supported multiple bills to allow tax-credit scholarships and vouchers for private primary schools.

This non-profit group has been dedicated to promoting educational reform and expanding charter school availability throughout Michigan. Between 2001 and 2002, they managed to successfully spread awareness of awareness of charter school availability.

At a national level, Florida has had the most amount of success with tax-credit scholarship programs. John Kirtley had successfully passed a number of bills that promoted family choice schools in the state of Florida.


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  1. The couple is additionally dynamic in my religious and children’s’ philanthropy gatherings. She is likewise a supporter of the Alliance for School Choice. Betsy and her significant other had likewise begun the Great Lakes Education Project. There are simple ways in which could gather up whatever they need which might not be the very thing that they need and it makes sense too for all and sundry.

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