Hussain Sajwani Invests in DamacGroup

When it comes to successful business ventures, the brand position is a key element to implement. Brand position gives the company a strategic market niche for a huge client base. A perfect brand position highly contributes to a strong brand identity.

With a strong brand identity, the business is better placed in any industry. Additionally, the entrepreneurial networks of a business contribute to its success.Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Great associations with individuals and entities that have succeeded in business have a positive direct impact on business. Most successful and strong brands have exploited such strategies. DamacGroup, a Dubai-based property business is a good example of one of the businesses that have succeeded thanks to great entrepreneurial networks and brand position.


Founded in 2002, DamacGroup has registered exemplary business growth through strong networks and perfect brand positioning. Under the guidance of Hussain Sajwani the owner, DamacGroup provides luxury property for personal and commercial use.

Apart from being a great service provider of luxurious properties, the company has employed over 2,000 people as workers in the property and hospitality industry. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Even before its completion in 2002, DamacGroup was operational. Its first residential flat sold out within the first months. One of the leisure properties Hussain Sajwani has invested in is the Donald Trump-branded golf clubs. Tiger Woods designed the luxurious property.

By associating with such individuals, Hussain Sajwani has placed his business in a strategic point for growth in stature. Currently, Hussain Sajwani plans to list DamacGroup in the London Stock Exchange list.


In a bid to steer the fluid property industry dominated by the fluctuating prices, Hussain Sajwani has linked DamacGroup with high ranking individuals like President Trump. This is a networking strategy that has given his business a huge client base from high ranking individuals.

Hussain Sajwani is not only a business professional but also a lover of charity. His association with highly placed people in the society paved his way charity. When he owned a food parlor, he invested in catering for the less fortunate in the society.

This was done through other charity foundations across the world. His philanthropy saw him contribute over $ 1 million in a bid to purchase food and clothes for the needy in the society.

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