David Giertz: The Ohio Financial Advisor Magnate

Have you ever heard of the magnificent and extraordinary David Giertz from Columbus, Ohio? Well he is a veteran in the financial services industry with over more than 30 years of amazing experience he can talk about. Recently, David Giertz has been mentioning to a lot of people about social security misconceptions. He explained to a lot of people and news outlets that a new study shows that many citizens are approaching retirement or already in it, and they think social security will be there for them to give them a stable income. That is not the case because not every single person will be fully qualified to receive income because of the proper procedures and work history that is needed in order to make it happen on linkedin.com. Retirement planning needs to start way before they approach their age for retiring and making sure to read the social security handbook to avoid receiving less income or unexpected taxes during retirement.

Now on to Giertz, his success and years of financial advising was not simple without an education. He acquired his Bachelor of Science from the wonderful Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. Giertz was always an indubitably intelligent and persistent student when it came to his studies. He would always do his homework and study for his midterms. He always asked questions if he did not understand the class material or if he was just simply confused. He would obtain distinguishable skills when it came to discussion groups and presentations. He decided to enhance his education and go to graduate school. Giertz decided to go the University of Miami to obtain his Executive Masters in Business and Administration at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-giertz.

Having that valuable education helped David Giertz to obtain various high-level corporate financial advisor and services jobs throughout several companies. His proudest moment was when he became the President of Nationwide Financial and catapulting their sales and distribution department which brought more customers and connections at a much higher volume. Giertz demonstrated strong operating results, growing the company’s wealth from 11 billion to 17 billion dollars in amazing profitable revenue. His success in the finance industry would keep on going and he continues to give financial advice.

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