Customers Are Impressed With Securus Technology

Securus gives their customers a great opportunity to leave their comments about their technology features. More customers are choosing a reliable network to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility. Compared to other networks Securus Technologies stands out 10 to 1. Their customers have been able to leave their comments about the technology that has been able to help them save time and money. More Securus customers are beginning to use their customer feedback forum to network with other users and discuss their technology. Their CEO, Rick Smith says, it is very important to include their customers in the process of initiating services with their account.


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Their customers have been glad to have features to eliminate a commute to a correctional facility. Disabled and out-of-town residents have been able to find features which help them stay connected to their loves ones in a correctional facility. For example, their visitation feature remains one of their most popular features and is made possible through a combined effort with video giant Vimeo. You can also leave an inmate a voicemail message for a small fee and it can be retrieved once it is approved by the facility.


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