Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch completed schooling at some of the top universities in the country such as Harvard, and Erasmus University. Now he is a real estate giant; in order to grow his business in the way that he has Samuel Strauch has focused on relationships with people. He loves photography and arts. His theory is that the only way to find good meaningful real estate is through people of all walks of life. So therefore he is constantly looking to meet new people that are in the real estate business. The other advantage he finds to doing this is that with quite a few people he has been able to form meaningful friendships while also doing great business.

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When asked why he is so successful working with so many different people Samuel Strauch simply states that the key is to find a situation in which everybody is going to win so that both sides get something good out of it and no one is just using the other side in order to get a better business or an advantage. Overall Samuel Strauch has found massive success in the Miami real estate but still values the experiences, and simpler things of life understanding that is what will make lasting memories in his life.

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