Securus Technologies helps save lives with Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies has long been a leader in the prison communications and security industry. As one of the first companies to develop video visitation technology, it has played a leading role in bringing one of the most revolutionary new forms of communications to the U.S. prison system. But Securus has also been involved in many other groundbreaking innovations.


One of those is the company’s Wireless Containment System. This novel device was adapted from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan where intercepting enemy communications taking place over cellular networks was a matter of life and death for U.S. servicemen. Based on the U.S. Army’s Stingray technology, the Wireless Containment System takes the same high-powered interdiction apparatus trusted by the U.S. Armed Forces and applies it to the menace of contraband cellphones proliferating throughout the nation’s prisons.


In fact, there are more than a few similarities between the battlefields of the Middle East and those found in the nation’s high-security carceral institutions. The nation’s many jails and prisons are often run by highly organized and violent gangs. These gangs often follow a command structure that is explicitly based on military hierarches. These gangs are organized, professional and ruthless in their pursuit of profits and dominance of illegal markets. Cellphones falling into the hands of gang leadership have caused dire problems throughout the nation’s corrections departments.


Gangs have used contraband cellphones to intimidate witnesses into not cooperating with the police and not testifying in trials involving gang members. This has resulted in hundreds of cases being nullified, setting free some of the most vicious and dangerous criminals in the country, including rapists, murderers and human and drug traffickers.


The gangs were able to take advantage of the easy availability and high efficiency of cellular communications for almost two full decades. But now, Securus Technologies has unveiled a high-tech solution that promises to put a final end to the problem of contraband cellphone proliferation.


With its Wireless Containment System, Securus has found a means that is nearly 100 percent effective in eliminating the ability of those possessing contraband phones to make illegal calls from within the nation’s jails and prisons. The Wireless Containment System is powerful enough that it needed special approval from the FCC in order to be deployed on a widespread basis. But now the company has received the final go-ahead from the nation’s top communications regulator.


Securus estimates that the Wireless Containment System will be deployed at over half of the nation’s correctional facilities by the end of this year. The company still has a virtual monopoly on the anti-cellular interdiction market, and it believes that it will eventually control up to 75 percent of the market share in this extremely important niche.


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