Jeremy Goldstein profile

Jeremy Goldstein is a founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. A firm that exclusively deals with corporate business management matters. Most of its primary operations involve advising CEOs, compensation teams, management teams on executive compensation and corporate governance.

With the financial industry changing rapidly, there is a need for businesses to keep up with the latest information on management. Compensation programs are rapidly changing also to fit into the new business environment. Connect with Jeremy on LinkiedIn

Jeremy Goldstein is in charge of Mergers and Acquisitions in the American Bar Association Business Section. Goldstein is one of the most experienced lawyers in the country in this field of application.

He has worked with some of the biggest firms in the country in the last one and a half decades. He has a Juris Doctor from the New York University as well as masters and bachelors from Cornell and University of Chicago respectively.

Jeremy started JLG Associates after witnessing a lot of conflicts in the business sector. There was a huge confusion on how executive compensations were supposed to be done. At the same time many executives compensations firms starting forming – mostly after breaking up from larger organizations.

This is when Jeremy Goldstein realized there was an opportunity for a law firm to enter into this field and offer legal services to these organizations which were newly formed. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Quora and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Jeremy is now a successful compensation lawyer who has worked for the last 15 buyers with leading corporations in the country. He attributes his success from first learning all the dynamics of the compensation industry and being always on the lookout for vital information sipping through the business sector on a daily basis.

Jeremy Goldstein thinks that there has been some stability in the field of corporate compensation since the turn of the millennium. There has been nothing major happenings or about to happen which may force corporates to do a 360 degrees change in their compensation programs.

What they need to do is to keep adjusting to the small changes that are happening. Corporations can focus on performance rather than compensation programs they are implementing.

Jeremy Goldstein advocates for a close relationship between a compensation lawyer and the client. When he is dealing with his clients, he tries to make their relationship close by following up on the performance even when there is nothing major happening in the sector.

He also engages in personal conversations with his clients just to understand them better. He is always forthcoming in his business dealing, and clients can trust him for the best legal services in this field.

Jose Auriemo Neto; Brings Revolution to JHSM

Jose Auriemo Neto is a respected business executive in Brazil. He is the Chairman and CEO of the JHSM Group. Jose is a venture capitalist with an eye for business opportunities. In his tenure at JHSM, Jose Auriemo Neto decided to take the construction company to a direction the shareholders had never thought about. He introduced the construction company to retail business. JSHM is primarily a construction company that handles major projects in Brazil. It focuses on the development of both residential and commercial buildings. The company was established in 1972 by two brothers, Fabio and Roberto Auriemo. They admitted two more investors who joined hands to lift the company to take on greater projects.

The Growth of JHSM

JHSM has grown steadily since its inception. It started taking on major infrastructure projects in 2001. It is also the time when Jose Auriemo Neto introduced the idea of building malls. The idea became what is now commonly referred to as the mall revolution in the company. Jose Auriemo Neto first started with the construction of the popular Metro Santa Cruz. The Sao Paulo-based mall was the maiden mall that Brazil saw on its commercial construction horizon. The mall was constructed in such a way that it was joined to the local subway station. It was an instant hit. The consumers that were targeted in the area responded with excitement. It was, basically, a convenience store for most of the customers. Customers could do some quick shopping as they waited for their trains to arrive.

Change of Guard

JHSM introduced a new leader in its ranks by appointing the eldest son of Fabio to the helm. Jose Auriemo Neto became the president of JHSM at the age of 27.His introduction to the business was a blessing that saw him take the company into directions that produced quick results. He was young and thought differently from the traditional investors. He is credited with diversifying the company business including introducing the retail ventures that have not only added value but prestige to the group’s outlook and more