In Pursuit of Greatness: Brown Modeling Agency



Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Paris and Milan are known to be hotspots for finding talent in modeling. Some of the biggest and most affluent agencies can be found in these particular cities. One of the biggest misconceptions about modeling is that the bigger cities tend to posses the greatest talent. This belief is absolutely untrue as the mid-sized and smaller cities have begun to make a huge impact on society. Austin, Texas, personifies this notion the best. Austin isn’t a huge metropolitan area, but it does have some decent size. This city just so happens to be the home of Brown Modeling Agency.


Brown Agency is making a name for itself within this exclusive sector of business. It isn’t your typical modeling agency because it focuses on a myriad of topics. Yes, the modeling sector of the business brings in 20 percent of the jobs, but the commercial sector brings in around 15 percent of the jobs. In addition to that, the union jobs consist of nearly 10 percent of the company’s revenue. There is equal opportunity all over the place when dealing with this business. By combining two agencies into one, BMA has been able to achieve more success than the standard model agency. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South had already established themselves throughout the Southeast region of the US. Heyman Talent South was known more so for talent services while Wilhelmina was known for specializing modeling. Check out for more.



Justin Brown is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. This extraordinary man is a former-model, is a businessman and is a brilliant-thinker. Justin is basically the mastermind of the entire project to some degree, and he has used his brilliance to provide great work. Justin was also a junior agent at Rage Model Management, and he has worked with developing the models from behind the scenes. All of this knowledge has been incorporated right into Brown Modeling Agency. The company/agency has multiple divisions such as the creative division, the theatrics division and the commercial division. Brown Modeling Agency has set the precedent in modern-day modeling, and it has changed the status quo.



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