Jose Auriemo Neto builds one of the most luxurious airports in Brazil

Private jets are one of the most ostentatious symbols of magnificent wealth in the modern age. Many people view the ownership of these multimillion-dollar aircraft as the very archetype of excess. However, it is no coincidence that nearly every great city on the North American continent has both a mainline international airport as well as an executive airport. And these latter airport types almost exclusively cater to the corporate and private aircraft business, with many of these representing the private planes of the extremely wealthy..

Few people understand the important role that executive airports play in the local economies of many cities. The truth is that those who possess great wealth oftentimes have extremely stringent restraints on their time. For this reason, many of these leaders of industry use corporate aircraft as one of their primary means of transportation. Cities that do not allow for the easy entrance and egress of corporate aircraft oftentimes find themselves creating a bottleneck of transportation for some of the most valuable people upon which their local economies rely.

For decades, this problem of difficult access to and from the city of Sao Paulo was a serious problem and one that represented a severe impediment to that city’s economic advancement. Jose Auriemo Neto, one of the most prominent real estate developers in the country of Brazil, proposed to do something about the extreme traffic congestion occurring at the Sao Paulo airport.

Through his company, JHSF Participacaoes, Auriemo Neto began construction of the Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, an executive airport with a 7,500-foot runway that would cater exclusively to executive aircraft and private jets. Today, the airport is open for business, providing much-needed relief from the extremely congested Sao Paulo International Airport.

Professor Kamil Idris Profile

Professor Kamil is a Sudanese statesman scholar who has achieved great things throughout his life locally and globally. Professor Kamil Idris fame came when he was appointed as the Director of World intellectual Organization.


Career in Trade

After completing his studies, he joined World Intellectual Property Organization where he was later appointed as the director and served in this post for six years. His duties were to make sure that he oversaw the global intellectual property protection. During his tenure as the director, he dedicated all his salary to the developing countries which made him one of the unique personalities.


He also received an honorary Doctor in letters from the University of Indira Gandhi National in India. During political instabilities in the developing countries, he has acted as a mediator to help solve the situations and prevent the economic growth from being worse.

US-China Trade Policy according to Kamil Idris

In one of his books known as the Intellectual Property, currently used as a reference in most academic disciplines he explains how to succeed in international trades. He has different views on the Announcement of the trade tariffs against the China government by the US, which he has written in his articles.


He has been against one of the things the current US president announced that is the imposing of tariff taxes to goods from China. They are to act as a penalty for China illegally acquiring the States Properties, over many years China has been illegally acquiring the United States technology and putting it into practice positively benefitting them in their economic growth which has grown at a very high rate.


This practice has made US incur a loss of over $300 million due to the illegal acquisition of the United space IP by China. Professor Khamir Idris is a great man who has achieved great honor internationally due to his international roles in trade.

The Unparalleled Contributions Of Penelope Kokkinides

Having been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Penelope Kokkinides has been serving at InnovaCare Healthcare as their Chief Administrative Officer after having a rejoin into the Healthcare in 2015. Her unassailable expertise in matters to do with clinical programs, management of healthcare processes and various operations that aim at increasing organizational efficiency and general infrastructure. Her great interactions with Medicare and Medicaid and the general managed care industry have given her an easy time at InnovaCare Healthcare.

InnovaCare Healthcare intertwines innovation and advanced quality care in creating value-tailored models that can deal with even the most complicated patients. What makes them outstanding is their unparalleled expertise, best practices in their operations and a great track record of proven results. The leadership team has a combined experience of over 120 years in managed care and consequently delivering it. It is made up of experts and professionals that have been recognized globally that’s why they offer quality services that surpass the expectations of their clients.

The InnovaCare Healthcare was started in 1998 by the CEO and President Richard Shinto M.D. who was working with North American Medical Management (NAMM). Penelope Kokkinides has been a very crucial part of the administration this healthcare. She has served InnovaCare Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer and also as the Clinical Operation’s Vice President.

Before joining InnovaCare Inc. Penelope Kokkinides served at Centerlight HealthCare as the COO and Executive Vice President; she was tasked with all matters to do with management. She has also served at TouchStone Health as the COO and also at UnitedHealth Group where she served at the Care Management and Disease Management unit as the Corporate Vice President. She was very effective in matters to do with health model development.

She is well educated where she attended Binghamton University for Biological and Classical Languages, also at New York University for a Master in Social Work and Columbia University for Master in Public Health and a post-master’s program. She believes in getting informed first on the market trends before embarking in any venture. That calls for spending some tangible time with books, articles, publications, doing some research and reading other resourceful materials.

Due to her commitment to transforming the health industry at Puerto Rico, Penelope Kokkinides was part of the 8 women who had been invited by Donald Trump to the White House. This is where she showed her concern about the healthcare services in Puerto Rico. She called for more healthcare’s’ funding to prevent most of the residents of Puerto Rico from moving to States to look for Medicare which may be very expensive. The CMS later heard the cry of Penelope and adjusted the healthcare system in Puerto Rico.


Rocketship Education, Launching Students to New Heights

In 2006 Rocketship Education, a unique chain of charter college prep schools, launched with the desire to help all students of San Jose prepare for college. Since that time they have opened 13 different schools and now help students that have a largely diverse and unique background including students who qualify for free lunch and many students who use English as a second language.

Rocketship Education helps K-5 students prepare for the chapter in their life that is college. As we all know it is never too young to start thinking about and working towards that goal. If that goal is set and the benchmark started at a young age there is a better chance that college is attainable for students. Rocketship understands that and therefore helps students, many of whom would never be able to attend college, reach that level. Rocketship Education is innovative and unique in some of their educational processes and because of this fresh thinking, they are able to garnish results and students that other schools could only imagine.

Rocketship Education not only shows students how to succeed academically but through their actions and their morals show students how to be the best students they can be. They have created a culture that fosters and encourages positive behavior and that is seen in their students and how they carry themselves in the local and national community. Rocketship schools have certainly become a premier K-5 college prep charter school and show no sign of changing their dedication and encouragement to young students. It will continue to grow and help foster thousands of more successful high school and then college graduates. It seems as though there are no secrets to their success. They do what they were founded to do and do best, focus on the students, focus on what they need, and help them succeed.

US. Money Reserve Takes Home Multiple AdSphere™ Awards for 2nd Year Running

U.S. Reserve was counted among the big winners again this year after they garnered two best-of-category trophies at the prestigious 2018 AdSphere Awards.

These awards honor the highest caliber of excellence in companies who conduct business via the über-competitive and extremely lucrative direct-response television (DRTV) ads trade. U. S. Money Reserve, widely touted as “America’s Gold Authority®”, took top honors at the ceremony this year in the categories of “Infomercials” and “Short-Form Products.”

U.S. Reserve’s CEO Ms. Angela Koch was honored on behalf of her company for this second win in as many years. Ms. Koch went on to praise the company’s marketing, media and production teams for their invaluable contributions to the successful ad campaigns in this past year.

The AdSphere Awards are handed out each year by DRMetrix, a company that is at the top of the research food chain when it comes to all things DRTV-related. AdSphere Awards founder and CEO of DRMetrix Mr. Joseph Gray expressed that each of the award winners are the best examples of state-of-the-art savvy in creative presentations as well as media execution that is surgical in its precision. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The awards this year come on the heels of some very exciting new for U.S. Money Reserve. The Perth Mint has recently selected U.S. Money Reserve as the singular U.S. distributor of the Mint’s 2018 Proof Coin Set that honors the 65th Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

While this in itself is a great honor, it is made even more significant due to the extremely limited production numbers of the 2 oz. Proof Gold Coins. The Perth Mint’s 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor coin series will also be distributed worldwide solely by U.S. Money Reserve.

U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001. In the company’s seventeen years it has become one of America’s largest private distributors of U.S. as well as international government-issued gold, silver, and platinum coinage products.

The Reserve’s loyal clients, who number into the hundreds of thousands, count on U.S. Money Reserve to help expand their assets with physical precious metals, most often in the form of gold and silver coins.

U.S. Money Reserve’s exclusively trained team of experts includes top numismatists and research professionals. Their teams are well-armed with in-depth knowledge that helps them find products for their clients at every purchase level of the physical precious metals market. They consistently rise above industry standards to provide unequaled customer service.

U.S. Reserve is based in Austin, Texas. They have a wonderful social media presence so you can like them on Facebook, connect with them on LinkedIn, and/or follow them on Twitter