Rocketship Education, Launching Students to New Heights

In 2006 Rocketship Education, a unique chain of charter college prep schools, launched with the desire to help all students of San Jose prepare for college. Since that time they have opened 13 different schools and now help students that have a largely diverse and unique background including students who qualify for free lunch and many students who use English as a second language.

Rocketship Education helps K-5 students prepare for the chapter in their life that is college. As we all know it is never too young to start thinking about and working towards that goal. If that goal is set and the benchmark started at a young age there is a better chance that college is attainable for students. Rocketship understands that and therefore helps students, many of whom would never be able to attend college, reach that level. Rocketship Education is innovative and unique in some of their educational processes and because of this fresh thinking, they are able to garnish results and students that other schools could only imagine.

Rocketship Education not only shows students how to succeed academically but through their actions and their morals show students how to be the best students they can be. They have created a culture that fosters and encourages positive behavior and that is seen in their students and how they carry themselves in the local and national community. Rocketship schools have certainly become a premier K-5 college prep charter school and show no sign of changing their dedication and encouragement to young students. It will continue to grow and help foster thousands of more successful high school and then college graduates. It seems as though there are no secrets to their success. They do what they were founded to do and do best, focus on the students, focus on what they need, and help them succeed.

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