Professor Kamil Idris Profile

Professor Kamil is a Sudanese statesman scholar who has achieved great things throughout his life locally and globally. Professor Kamil Idris fame came when he was appointed as the Director of World intellectual Organization.


Career in Trade

After completing his studies, he joined World Intellectual Property Organization where he was later appointed as the director and served in this post for six years. His duties were to make sure that he oversaw the global intellectual property protection. During his tenure as the director, he dedicated all his salary to the developing countries which made him one of the unique personalities.


He also received an honorary Doctor in letters from the University of Indira Gandhi National in India. During political instabilities in the developing countries, he has acted as a mediator to help solve the situations and prevent the economic growth from being worse.

US-China Trade Policy according to Kamil Idris

In one of his books known as the Intellectual Property, currently used as a reference in most academic disciplines he explains how to succeed in international trades. He has different views on the Announcement of the trade tariffs against the China government by the US, which he has written in his articles.


He has been against one of the things the current US president announced that is the imposing of tariff taxes to goods from China. They are to act as a penalty for China illegally acquiring the States Properties, over many years China has been illegally acquiring the United States technology and putting it into practice positively benefitting them in their economic growth which has grown at a very high rate.


This practice has made US incur a loss of over $300 million due to the illegal acquisition of the United space IP by China. Professor Khamir Idris is a great man who has achieved great honor internationally due to his international roles in trade.

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