Ryan Seacrest Takes on the World with a Workout and Wine

How does a man who has his fingers in more honey pots that Pooh bear manage to stay fit and still unwind at the end of his day? He drinks a bottle of fine wine and turns of the phone. Ryan Seacrest is a man on a mission: he works hard, works out hard, and practices time management all so that at the end of the day he can relax and enjoy a good meal and a glass of the good stuff with the people he loves.

His mornings start before down around 6am. After a wake-me-up morning matcha tea he gets in a quick bike ride with his Peloton (the treadmill is no match) or does a run in the park when he can. Then Ryan Seacrest greets the west coast by going “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, his weekday morning radio show. After that he goes “Live” with Kelly Rippa and the rest of America in the 9 o’clock hour. You’d think that after such an early high energy start to his day he’d be ready to take a breather, right?

Instead he hits the boxing ring or trains with his trainer. Having a workout routine that’s structured into his afternoons helps Ryan Seacrest to keep fit and keep mentally sharp. Ryan has his own skincare line, “Polish” and a fashion line for men, “Distinction”, which surely helps him to keep “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which he is bound to do as a producer of the show.

In an interview with GQ, Ryan said that after his fifteen-year hosting job on the beloved “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest has learned to say yes to the projects that matter most to him. He spends his afternoons on his long-term goals and lets a few interview questions creep in from time to time. Ryan also helps kids explore their creative side during their stay in pediatric hospitals through The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

At the end of the day, he knows that there is more to life than “American Idol”, there is a nation of people to entertain, wine to drink, and friends and family to enjoy.

Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/the-face-of-hollywood-ryan-seacrests-weight-loss-struggle/

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