Eric Lefkofsky Guiding Tempus through His Business and Entrepreneurial Skills

Tempus was started by Eric Lefkofsky to help the physicians gain access to clinical and molecular data with ease. At present, the physicians have to make treatment decisions based on their experience as well as limited information available in the medical and public forums. However, with the help of Tempus, the physicians would be able to correlate the clinical data with the genetic data. It would make sure that the treatment provided is much more effective and would increase the chances for recovery.

Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind Tempus, which has aggregated the clinical and molecular data of patients. The physicians would be able to provide better treatment to the patients with the help of such data. Eric Lefkofsky is a much successful entrepreneur and has started successfully many companies in the past. He is also one of the co-founders of Groupon Inc, which is a globally famous firm that connects merchants with the consumers. Eric Lefkofsky has been able to take Tempus to another level through his entrepreneurial skills. Eric Lefkofsky has ensured that Tempus continues to grow so that more and more physicians can access its digital library.

Tempus in its endeavor to reach out to more patients across the globe has started a mobile app that would provide the physicians with the convenience to access the digital library of Tempus on their mobile phone. The name of the mobile app is Tempus Lab. The company has been raising funds since the time of its inception to elaborate its digital and physical infrastructure and outreach, and in its series E funding, it raised $110 million. The money would be used for its expansion and include other diseases as well in its focus, which currently is cancer-centric as of now.

Eric Lefkofsky witnessed firsthand how the doctors are unable to provide accurate treatment due to the lack of clinical data. The use of technology has made things easier for the doctors, and Tempus aims to provide them with the information necessary to make smart treatment decisions. Physicians from across the world would soon be able to access the data collected by Tempus on their mobile.

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