JD.com Contributing Millions To Changing The World Through Retail

JD.com also referred to as Jingdong, is considered China’s top tech e-commerce retail service provider. The company recently announced that it will join the list of top international companies who are receiving the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

This award is a proven statement for the company’s focus on environmental matters, exceptional contributions to economic innovation and the impact of its Responsibility Program.

In the short span of five years, JD.com’s customer support team has lifted the company by implementing programs that provide sustainable development. Every aspect of the Jingdong business model – product design to sales and delivery – is executed with efficient and positivity which is the company’s mission for the society and environment to have longevity.

The SEAL Award is the acknowledgment of sustainability, environmental achievement and positivity leadership in the business industry. It recognizes the most sustainable companies on an international scale. The recipient of this award has made a global impact and Jingdong is now one of the honorees alongside Apple, Nike, Samsung and Seventh Generation.

Matt Harney, who is the Founder of the SEAL Awards commented on Jingdong’s recycling initiative and the ability to receive the highest environmental impact rating from the awards judging panel. The impact metrics from the Responsibility Program covers over 47 cities around China and has distributed passed 1 million articles of clothing and with 400,000 toys that have been recycled. The metrics produced are incredible. The leaders of Jingdong deserve the utmost praise for developing such a massive customer base and logistics system when it comes to the sustainability enhancements for our world.

As China’s largest retail supplier, JD.com’s platforms utilize the company’s advanced technology such as its self-developed logistics and supply chain systems to reach more than half of China’s population. The company has applied innovative technology and a wide-range infrastructure to make significant contributions on a social level, environmental in regard to protection, educational, disaster relief and the decrease to property. The company managed a to have a value of over 700 million in contributions.

The SEAL Awards is known as an environmental sponsorship that honors extraordinary leadership in business and their contribution to battling climate change.

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