Todd Levine enjoys music and law in the courtroom

Todd Levine believes in bringing music into the courtroom. Yes, the last sentence did use the words music and courtroom in the same sentence. Many people think that the two do not seem to go together. Notes, instruments and other things do not fit into our notion of stately men and women in robes. Yet, this mediator believes the two belong together.


Todd Levine, the mediator, is not a former rock star turned lawyer, although he may or may not once have belonged to a band. It does not matter. Even people who have serious professions occasionally appreciate lightening things up. Music can put people at ease, and it can be used to deal with difficult emotions.


Todd Levine can see the faces of children and adults light up when he brings music and instruments into the court or mediation rooms. Although the litigator prefers to use music, one should not receive the wrong impression about his career or his background. The practicing attorney went to law school and continues his practice. Professional musicians who have heard the litigator perform think this is a good thing as well. During one session with a musical client, Levine received valuable advice. Practicing musicians told him not to quit his day job.


Todd Levine has no plans of quitting his day job, as music as a secondary hobby. The litigator loves the challenges legal work presents. One story he tells involves another attorney bringing in evidence to a trial late. The opposing attorney thought he would win the case. Levine took a few seconds to review the documents to find a flaw in reasoning and find it he did. The opposing attorney’s jaws dropped according to the litigator. If someone needs help and they can afford his fees, perhaps he can hire Todd Levine.

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