Alastair Borthwick: The Renowned Journalist and Broadcaster from Scotland

Alastair Borthwick was Scottish Journalist and broadcaster born in Rutherglen 17th February 1913. He passed on in 2003. He is famously remembered for his two very different both of which have become classics. Alastair Borthwick lived Troon and later in Glasgow where he attended high school. In 1929, at only 16 years of age, Alastair joined the Glasgow Herald. His responsibility by the way to take copies from correspondents phoning in.; he rose to be the editor of some of the feature pages. His involvement with the Open-Air page led him to be in Glasgow’s growing hillwalking and climbing scene. This helped him to foster his articles about Glasgow’s working class as well as Clydebank venturing into highlands most of the weekends.

Author Alastair was to later move to Daily Mirror, which in journalistic career terms, was a major move. However, the lifestyle in London did not appeal to him, and within a year, he returned to Glasgow as a BBC radio correspondent. In 1939, Alastair Borthwick collection of his many pieces was published. It was dubbed Always a Little Further and had written them for the Glasgow Herald. Faber’s, who was the publisher for Alastair’s work was first apprehensive of the unconventional approach taken by the book. At the time, that was considered as the rich man’s sport, but due to the insistence of one of the directors, T.S Eliot, the book was published and has been in circulation since then, remaining one of the best outdoor activities book in Scotland to date.

When WWII came knocking, Alastair Borthwick joined the 5th Battalion as an intelligence officer. His company, the Seaforth Highlanders went to combat in North Africa, Sicily Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and as far as Germany. Once the war was over Alastair Borthwick was requested to write Battalion history “Sans Puer, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders’, which was published in 1946. As mentioned on Wiki Visually, it was published again in 1994 under the title ‘Battalion: a British Infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945’. This was when the book received critical acclaim.

After the war, Alastair and His wife Anne moved to Jura from Glasgow and continued to broadcast for BBC. Alastair Borthwick moved to a nursing home before his demise in 2003.

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Alastair Borthwick Acclaimed Writer

Alastair Borthwick was a journalist, an acclaimed author and a broadcaster whose historical accounts of Scottish adventures was responsible for Scotland’s social change. His life covered more than ninety years beginning with his birthplace in Rutherglen, Scotland.

At age 16, Alastair left high school and began his writing career at the Glasgow Herald where he wrote about how the working-class citizens entered the Highlands for jobs.

When Borthwick left the Herald five years later, he began a journalism career at the Daily Mirror. He did not adjust well to working in London and soon returned to Glasgow.

During these years, Alastair Borthwick continued his writing works, much of which were published. His first collection of writings was published in 1939, called “Always a Little Further.”

The famed T.S. Eliot was a writing fan and mentor for Alastair, who helped the publication company Fabers to be the publisher of Alastair Borthwick‘s work. As such, Always A Little Further became a top seller on outdoor Scottish Highland events.

During World War II, Alastair was assigned to the 5th Battalion that was active in Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. Naturally, after the War, he wrote about the history and the activities of the 5th Battalion. As such, his writing was called the “Seaforth Highlanders” and it was published in 1946.

The Seaforth Highlander book received top journalism awards and remained in print for many years. Other Alastair Borthwick publications include San Peur which was originally released in 1946 and was reissued in 1980 and 1990.

After the War Alastair and his wife moved to Jura and settled in a small cottage for seven years where their son was born. He began working as a broadcaster for the BBC with an added career that quickly expanded over the years to include television and his work as a producer.

Alastair also contributed to a weekly column for several years in the News Chronicle. He created a 13-part series called the Scottish Soldier which highlighted the events of the Scottish infantry regiments from the real view of the infantrymen. Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003. Grab a copy of Alastair’s book here.

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Ryan Seacrest Takes on the World with a Workout and Wine

How does a man who has his fingers in more honey pots that Pooh bear manage to stay fit and still unwind at the end of his day? He drinks a bottle of fine wine and turns of the phone. Ryan Seacrest is a man on a mission: he works hard, works out hard, and practices time management all so that at the end of the day he can relax and enjoy a good meal and a glass of the good stuff with the people he loves.

His mornings start before down around 6am. After a wake-me-up morning matcha tea he gets in a quick bike ride with his Peloton (the treadmill is no match) or does a run in the park when he can. Then Ryan Seacrest greets the west coast by going “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, his weekday morning radio show. After that he goes “Live” with Kelly Rippa and the rest of America in the 9 o’clock hour. You’d think that after such an early high energy start to his day he’d be ready to take a breather, right?

Instead he hits the boxing ring or trains with his trainer. Having a workout routine that’s structured into his afternoons helps Ryan Seacrest to keep fit and keep mentally sharp. Ryan has his own skincare line, “Polish” and a fashion line for men, “Distinction”, which surely helps him to keep “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which he is bound to do as a producer of the show.

In an interview with GQ, Ryan said that after his fifteen-year hosting job on the beloved “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest has learned to say yes to the projects that matter most to him. He spends his afternoons on his long-term goals and lets a few interview questions creep in from time to time. Ryan also helps kids explore their creative side during their stay in pediatric hospitals through The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

At the end of the day, he knows that there is more to life than “American Idol”, there is a nation of people to entertain, wine to drink, and friends and family to enjoy.


Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Leader with a Heart of Gold

The United Arab Emirates is known for its amazing architectural and real estate development that has taken place in the last few years. One of the companies that have made a tremendous contribution to this development is Damac Properties, founded and owned by Hussain Sajwani, a well-known businessman and philanthropist in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani never really planned to be in the real estate business and went to study in the United States, where after completing his graduation he joined Gasco. However, just after a few months of working at Gasco, he went on to start his catering business by the name Al Jazeera Services.

The reason why Damac Properties has become a familiar name in the real estate landscape of the United Arab Emirates is that they focus primarily on luxurious commercial and residential real estate properties. The properties developed by Damac are known to be quality-oriented and highly elegant, mostly designed by internationally acclaimed architect and designers. Hussain Sajwani also designs the marketing policies very carefully to appeal to the customers, which includes giving Mercedes and BMW sports car with every booking. Hussain Sajwani is also known across the globe for his high-profile network, which includes the United States President Donald Trump. The friendship of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani goes long back as their companies have collaborated on many projects together. Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties is currently working with Trump Inc to develop golf course cum residential complexes in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is also a close friend to the current President of the United States Donald Trump. When Donald Trump was in the UAE to attend a meeting during the New Year, he had mentioned his name and how they hoped to build a further good business relationship with each other. Hussain Sajwani is also a great philanthropist but does not want to advertise the fact that he donates millions to charities every year. He feels that if he is privileged, he should be able to provide for those who do not have any means to live their lives. It is the reason why he associated with many charities and non-profit organizations.

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Papa Johns Is Making Amends With Steve Ritchie As CEO

Papa Johns has been around for a long time, but despite that, their reputation was badly damaged by the actions of the companies former leader. Steve Ritchie has taken up the position as CEO and is doing his utmost to turn things around for the company. According to Steve, the actions of one man do not represent himself nor the rest of the employees at the company who are hard working and dedicated to bringing the very best services and pizza to their customers. Steve Ritchie recently issued an apology letter that he wrote personally to address the current state of the company and how he plans to make amends and move forward. So far, Steve Ritchie has earned the respect of many for his actions, and loyal Papa Johns customers are continuing to back him every step of the way.

Steve is currently on a mission to improve all aspects of Papa Johns and their business strategies. Over the coming months, various experts are being hired to take care of bringing Papa Johns back up to par with its former standards. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has remained transparent throughout the entire ordeal, keeping team members and customers informed of the companies progress as it continues to move forward. With hundreds of thousands of employees spread out at many different restaurants around the world, gathering feedback from team members is not only time consuming, but rewarding to have the perspectives of so many hard-working individuals.

Everyone knows actions speak louder than words, which is why Steve has focused on making things happen at Papa Johns rather than continuing to apologize. Papa Johns still has many loyal customers out there, helping to protect the companies name, for which Steve is grateful. The more people that can be convinced of Papa Johns new direction, the quicker Papa Johns can become a household name that people throughout all communities love.

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Waiakea Water: More than just a quencher

Waiakea is a bottled brand that is unique and the best in the market. The Hawaiian volcanic water has the best qualities that one can get in bottled-water. The water is naturally alkaline, factor which contributes to the neutrality of the body pH. Human body wants to stay at neutrality levels.

Alkaline water has benefits that improve one’s health. According to a medical journal known as Annals of Otology Rhinology, and Laryngology, alkaline water of pH 8.2 reduce the effects of acidity reflux when used together with medications. Acidic water is ineffective for this purpose and should be avoided by all means possible.

Alkaline water like Waiakea can help to reduce acidity in the body by neutralizing acidity. How does that happen? Alkaline water has bicarbonate which deactivates pepsin. The same bicarbonate is an ingredient when making heartburn and antacid medication. With Waiakea Water, you can reduce the need for antacid medication significantly. Regular consumption of this water can be a great addition to the fight against medication.

It is clear that consuming Waiakea water has more advantages to human health than any other brand of water. Alkaline water can be used to stop many health challenges.

Hawaii is an area that takes great pride in protecting the environment. Waiakea has partnered with other companies to measure the amount of impact that their activity has on the environment. It is working with companies that deal with emissions to ensure that its business does not have a negative impact on the environment. The efforts that the company is applying to maintain the environmental conditions have led to Waiakea receiving the CarbonNeutral certification.

In just three years in business, this is a brand that has received the most awards for a water company. It is dawning on many people that the Waiakea brand has a bigger impact on the society than others. Health benefits of its water and the approach towards environmental protection that they have employed stands out from the rest.

Waiakea bottled water is healthy and delicious for human consumption. It is a brand that should be embraced by everyone because of the these and other benefits that it offers.

Anil Chaturvedi Provides Excellent Advisory Service

Are you thinking about starting a new business or planning to invest in a lucrative opportunity? Do you want to be guided by a knowledgeable professional? You can avoid mistakes by having an experienced professional by your side.

Diversification is extremely important when it comes to investing. It is crucial to ensure that your portfolio is comprised of different types of investment instruments, across a variety of markets. A knowledgeable financial advisor or investment expert will evaluate your situation and take steps to ensure that you have the right investment portfolio.

An experienced financial or money management advisory professional will make sure that your portfolio contains stocks, bonds and other investments or financial instruments. A well-diversified portfolio will help improve your chances of achieving success in this industry.

Having access to a renowned advisory firm or an expert in investing can put you on the right path to financial success. It is imperative to get a consultation with an experienced banker or financial advisor like Anil Chaturvedi.

There are many firms and professionals that render money management and financial advisory services to clients and customers. Before you ultimately hire or choose a firm or advisor to handle your situation, it is a good idea to do your research. You need to take the time to check their background and track record in the industry.

Once you’re convinced that a particular firm or advisor is right for you, then it’s time to set up a consultation to discuss your issues. After the consultation, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Many people rely on Anil Chaturvedi to get the information or guidance they need to reach their goals. Anil Chaturvedi is the right choice for any entrepreneur who wants to grow a portfolio of investments and take their business to the next level.

Anil Chaturvedi has been delivering services for decades and has vast experience in private banking and commercial banking. He is also well versed in investment banking. He is a highly sought after investment and banking professional due to the top notch service he provides to clients.

The Trendy Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a market trend and structure analyst with many years of experience in the industry and with a vivid understanding of global market structure alongside consumer retail trends across beauty, fashion and lifestyle products.

Victoria is known for her insight and ability to identify, discover and explore prevailing market structures and trends and their impact on particular markets with a tangible demonstration of proven experience in writing, to edit as well as reporting on global market trends.

Victoria is a writer and a researcher. Most of her writings are merely about beauty and fashion. Among the books published under her title are A Century of Fashion and the Modern Girls.

Besides, Victoria is an art director and a trend consultant at J.Crew and Stella Cosmetics where under her surveillance, she developed visual attire for the Holiday and the 2010 summer. As trend correspondent, Victoria too was the author of lifestyle and trendy-based articles in 2009.

Besides, Victoria is also an assistant film director and runs personal projects, managing property, and household inventory as well as coordinating private undertakings.

In 2010, Victoria was hired by then the former boss of the Creative Arts Agency to chair the West Coast Launch which was starting a trend forecasting company. The programme contemplated lifestyle trends and prospective consumer’s insights into marketing strengths for brand and products management. The project, under Victoria’s leadership, succeeded and secured partnerships leading to the start-up of client projects and custom trend reports.

As a researcher, Victoria Doramus researched and wrote an article for Trendcentral, a daily online publication newsletter and a website and also the Cassandra Report, a publication which was quarterly based which summed up articles of both the micro and the macro trends present in different lifestyle slots. Victoria too resumed the role of managing and developing the content for the client’s-fashion-oriented private blog. She also produced a trend segment for a television show, airing across the nation; “the view” and “Good morning America.”

In May 2017, Victoria worked within a planning budget to plan with media vendors to bring up a client print media plan, to be bringing up of the client’s desired content, mainly about fashion and lifestyle.

HCR Wealth Advisors Stays Up To Par with Other Advising Companies

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that has built an excellent reputation among its clients in the field of investment and retirement planning over the years. The company is registered and licensed and has years of experience backing them. The company believes that it is necessary for the people who are looking to have a safe and secure financial future to start planning early and consider the guidance of the financial professionals. HCR Wealth Advisors has a pool of financial advisors who help to ensure that the clients are able to achieve their investment and retirement goals. HCR Wealth Advisors provides the strategic insight on where the markets are heading so that the clients can take their financial decisions accordingly.

According to, HCR Wealth Advisors can help clients design a financial and investment plan that are designed to mature with time to help achieve the client’s financial goals. Staying financially safeguarded is absolutely necessary these days, and it is what HCR Wealth Advisors can help clients protect themselves. The firm periodically reviews client investments to help to ensure that the investment portfolio is continuing to perform as the client expects and, in a way, to meet the client’s goals.  Monitoring the performance of your investments is essential as it can help you obtain the results you were looking for. HCR Wealth Advisors helps monitor the investments on behalf of its clients to help them make their decisions. It also looks for more opportunities for its clients so that they can take advantage of newer opportunities.

There are many investment products in the market, and HCR Wealth Advisors can help clients find investment products suitable for them. It can help you reach your financial goals and weather the ups and downs of the market. HCR Wealth Advisors is knowledgeable and keeps itself updated on the latest developments in the financial market so that it can offer the best service to its clients. Instead of providing them with one particular portfolio of investment, they create a completely customized one depending on their needs.


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Freedom Checks a reward from MLPs

Freedom Checks is an investment strategy that promises to offer lucrative investment opportunities to investors. The idea originated from mining and financial expert Matt Badiali. The whole concept comes from opportunities arising from the natural resources. Companies that deal with natural resources are the ones which will be giving out the checks.

The idea of Freedom Checks is new to many people because they have no idea about the existence of businesses known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are exchanges just like the NYSE, but they tend to be less popular because brokers have not embraced them.

For a long time, those who have benefited from the investment opportunities are the few who know about the lucrative opportunities offered by these businesses. The reward from MLPs is normally huge since most of the profits they make is shared among the investors. Freedom Checks come from companies that deal with transportation, storage, manufacturing and processing of natural resources.

Since Matt Badiali is an expert on mining, he can analyze the market and spot some profitable opportunities such as this one. He recommends investing in one of the 575 MLPs found in the United States. Due diligence, however, has to be applied when picking the business to deal with since the returns will vary from one business to another. Just like in the stock market, one must choose the most promising business.

How MLPs pay

Matt Badiali has indicated that MLPs will be paying out $34.6 billion. When some people hear about this figure, they think it is too good to be true. However, what such people fail to understand is how MLPs operate. Unlike other businesses, MLPs operate under a different tax obligation. 90 percent of their profits are paid out to investors and tax is exempted from them and pushed to the investor. With the low tax requirement, these companies have a higher yield compared to other businesses.

Matt Badiali opines that the decrease in oil production in other parts of the world has given American MLPs a chance to thrive. Now that Badiali has opened the eyes of many investors on these businesses, they will now be trooping in to check for opportunities so that they can also benefit from Freedom Checks.

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