Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe Believes Success Can Be Achieved In Volatile Markets

The volatility that has been exhibited on the global financial markets should not be feared in the eyes of Mullen Lowe’s Jose Borghi; instead, the CEO of the Brazilian ad agency believes the volatility of the markets provides an opening for companies who are properly positioned to take advantage of any changes in the markets that make this a great way of establishing a new brand. As the next group of top 500 global companies are beginning to emerge the need for a higher standard of advertising and a more dedicated approach to embracing new technologies should be explored to make sure customers are engaged in the correct way.

Jose Borghi has risen to the position of CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil after he established the ad agency after creating a successful career as a writer and creative in many of the top companies in Brazilian advertising. Borghi set out on the new venture of creating his own ad agency with fellow advertising creative Ehr Ray, the company would initially become Borghi Lowe before enhancing its reputation with a partnership with the global brand of Mullen; the latest technology has become a mainstay of the work of Jose Borghi as he has sought to develop an advertising agency that is known across the globe.

Engaging with a brand on a personal level can lead to a greater sense of customer loyalty when a business decides to make various changes to their brand in response to the demands and ideas of a consumer base that will begin to play an even more important role in the evolution of every successful company brand. for more.