The Simplification of Education System by Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is on a mission to nullify the common norm that children from low-income families and minority or harsh neighborhoods cannot do well in education. Before I dig deep into the issue, it is wise to tell you who Eva Moskowitz is. She is an educationist, an activist for children and an established entrepreneur. She is well known for her unique educational strategies and approach to the public educational system.

She is the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charted School. Recently, she received the $250,000 grant. The package comes with the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, which would support the creation of a new institute and facilitate college readiness programs for the Success students. Although the Success Academy receives lump sum monies from the hedge fund sector, the money will be of aid anyway.

The Broad Foundation Award recognizes the charter chain works with the marginalized children. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds can achieve well just like those living in the leafy suburbs under the program. Eva Moskowitz will announce the launch of the Success Academy Education Institute. The institution will share in the charter network initiative. In addition, the Success Academy will avail the curriculum freely on the digital platform.

About Eva Moskowitz
Her foundation in education was obtained from the Stuyvesant High School. She later pursued her tertiary education at the University of Pennsylvania for History degree and a doctorate in American History from the St. John Hopkins University. Eva Moskowitz has been a Director of Public Affairs and Civic Teacher at the Preps for Preps schools. She has been the professor at the New York City University. To add on to her duties, she is the chair of the Faculty of American Studies at the Columbia University.

Through her, the policy based education system is slowly crumbling down under her influence. Public schools are changing the curriculum to have a system that foster child development, parental involvement, and a non-performance based grading system. The success of the Success Academy shows how her principles have worked.