In Pursuit of Greatness: Brown Modeling Agency



Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Paris and Milan are known to be hotspots for finding talent in modeling. Some of the biggest and most affluent agencies can be found in these particular cities. One of the biggest misconceptions about modeling is that the bigger cities tend to posses the greatest talent. This belief is absolutely untrue as the mid-sized and smaller cities have begun to make a huge impact on society. Austin, Texas, personifies this notion the best. Austin isn’t a huge metropolitan area, but it does have some decent size. This city just so happens to be the home of Brown Modeling Agency.


Brown Agency is making a name for itself within this exclusive sector of business. It isn’t your typical modeling agency because it focuses on a myriad of topics. Yes, the modeling sector of the business brings in 20 percent of the jobs, but the commercial sector brings in around 15 percent of the jobs. In addition to that, the union jobs consist of nearly 10 percent of the company’s revenue. There is equal opportunity all over the place when dealing with this business. By combining two agencies into one, BMA has been able to achieve more success than the standard model agency. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South had already established themselves throughout the Southeast region of the US. Heyman Talent South was known more so for talent services while Wilhelmina was known for specializing modeling. Check out for more.



Justin Brown is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. This extraordinary man is a former-model, is a businessman and is a brilliant-thinker. Justin is basically the mastermind of the entire project to some degree, and he has used his brilliance to provide great work. Justin was also a junior agent at Rage Model Management, and he has worked with developing the models from behind the scenes. All of this knowledge has been incorporated right into Brown Modeling Agency. The company/agency has multiple divisions such as the creative division, the theatrics division and the commercial division. Brown Modeling Agency has set the precedent in modern-day modeling, and it has changed the status quo.



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Fabletics Finding Ways to Compete with Amazon

You may have noticed Kate Hudson is not appearing in as many movies in recent years. That is because she has found a new endeavor to take up her time, Fabletics, the activewear company she helped found in 2013. The innovative company has made waves in the e-commerce fashion world since its inception by being one of the few companies to take a dent out of Amazon’s portion of the market share.


Quality Products at a Great Price


Part of Fabletics success is because it supplies a great product at a great price. The leggings are very affordable and people love them, meaning they are telling their friends to buy them and join in the innovative purchasing process. This quality is apparent in the other products offered as well.


Subscription Based Buying


Subscription-based companies are nothing new, but it is a new practice in the fashion world. Taking a page out of the book of companies in the cuisine and entertainment world, Fabletics decided to offer its clothing via subscription, and it has paid off in a big way. The company has seen 35% annual growth since its founding. A subscription ensures that the customer will return for their next purchase if they liked the product because of the convenience.


They Do Retail Too


The company has been successful enough online to make the plunge into selling in physical stores. Some would say that this is a risk. It probably is a risk for a company that isn’t as innovative and forward-thinking as Fabletics.


The retail stores are completely integrated with the online subscription process, making it simple for members to come in and check out products before they buy them online. It even gives them the ability to place them in their cart and purchase them on the computer when they get home.


Integrating the retail stores completely with the online shopping portion of the business has been a source of success. In fact, more stores are opening up across the country soon. This is much different than the current trend of closing retail stores and focusing on e-commerce sales.


Fabletics Uses Data In Unique Ways


Fabletics has also found an innovative way to utilize online data. Most companies do so, but Hudson and her team do it in a more localized manner. Consumer data in the region around the store guides what is put on the shelves. This eliminates products sitting and taking up space while not selling, a huge problem for retail fashion companies. It also helps attract new customers. It stands to reason that, if current members in an area like something, prospective members will like the produts. A huge source of success has been the company’s ability to ulitize data in a fresh and efficient way on a store by store basis.


The elements that make up the success of Fabletics are simple, offer up a quality product in an innovative way. It seems simple enough, but it is easier said than done. Fabletics has done it so well that they are getting their fair share of the e-commerce fashion market from Amazon.