The life of Jim Larkin and his historical life

Jim Larkin was just a normal boy living a normal life with his family until everything changed.


Jim’s real name is James Larkin and when he was growing up he lived in poverty. He had little education when he was younger and was working lots when he was still a child. Jim’s life involved speaking out against union instructors. He also was paying the people who were on strike which resulted in him getting fired from the NUDL. NUDL is known as the National Union Of Dock Labourers. In the year 1905 he was one of the people who took part in another strike which is how he got his new job. But when him and another person started to have issues. This led Larkin to have standing issues with James Sexton who was the general secretary or NUDL.


Jim was always working to help others get the equal things they deserve and he helped others with trade, jobs, and the pay that they wanted or needed to live the lives they needed. There were two major employers who he worked with and helped others work with because they have good pay and were nice to employees. All of this was a big deal to Jim because he didn’t agree with the lockouts that other employers were doing.


When the lockouts were done Jim Larkin went to the united states to raise money for the union. When he left though there was strain put onto other activists. When he got to the united states he then became a supporter of the Soviet Union. He was also known for disrupting shipments during world war one. When he went back to Ireland in April he was then meeting with other people and that’s when he started to try and find an end to the Irish Civil War.


Overall Jim Larkin was one of the people who worked to the end of his life helping other people with money and becoming equals.