Eric Lefkofsky Guiding Tempus through His Business and Entrepreneurial Skills

Tempus was started by Eric Lefkofsky to help the physicians gain access to clinical and molecular data with ease. At present, the physicians have to make treatment decisions based on their experience as well as limited information available in the medical and public forums. However, with the help of Tempus, the physicians would be able to correlate the clinical data with the genetic data. It would make sure that the treatment provided is much more effective and would increase the chances for recovery.

Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind Tempus, which has aggregated the clinical and molecular data of patients. The physicians would be able to provide better treatment to the patients with the help of such data. Eric Lefkofsky is a much successful entrepreneur and has started successfully many companies in the past. He is also one of the co-founders of Groupon Inc, which is a globally famous firm that connects merchants with the consumers. Eric Lefkofsky has been able to take Tempus to another level through his entrepreneurial skills. Eric Lefkofsky has ensured that Tempus continues to grow so that more and more physicians can access its digital library.

Tempus in its endeavor to reach out to more patients across the globe has started a mobile app that would provide the physicians with the convenience to access the digital library of Tempus on their mobile phone. The name of the mobile app is Tempus Lab. The company has been raising funds since the time of its inception to elaborate its digital and physical infrastructure and outreach, and in its series E funding, it raised $110 million. The money would be used for its expansion and include other diseases as well in its focus, which currently is cancer-centric as of now.

Eric Lefkofsky witnessed firsthand how the doctors are unable to provide accurate treatment due to the lack of clinical data. The use of technology has made things easier for the doctors, and Tempus aims to provide them with the information necessary to make smart treatment decisions. Physicians from across the world would soon be able to access the data collected by Tempus on their mobile.

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The Lung Institute Is Helping People Breath Easy by Using Their Own Stem Cells

Breathing comes so naturally to most people that they never even think about it. In fact, breathing is unique in being both a conscious and unconscious activity. If people concentrate, they can control the pace of their breathing. But if someone’s not thinking about it breathing will happen unconsciously. It might seem like these offers up a huge amount of control over one’s own lungs. But talk to anyone struggling with chronic lung disease and it’s easy to wish that were true. People with lung conditions don’t really have much choice about whether they want to think about breathing or not. They’re painfully aware of every single breath. And most feel as if they’ve done everything they can to control their own body’s reaction to their condition.

However, the Lung Institute has developed a new way to help patients regain control of their lungs. The treatment actually makes use of the patient’s own body to create an effective new medicine. Behind the scenes, this is obviously a very complex procedure. But it’s quite easy for the patient. When someone comes in they’ll simply have to provide a small sample of bone marrow or blood. This sample is the crux of why the treatment can be so effective, says the PR Web. The medicine isn’t composed of foreign materials that the body will be confused by. Instead, the stem cell therapy is derived from the patient’s own body.

The fact that the material comes from the patient is the key to why it works so well. When the Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy a patient’s body will recognize the material. The patient’s body will assume that the stem cells are no different from any that were produced internally. Because the Lung Institute uses the medicine on a part of the body which supplies blood to the lungs, the stem cells will be shuttled to the perfect spot. From there the stem cells will be able to begin rebuilding damaged areas of the lungs and helping neighboring structures to fortify themselves against disease.

Obviously part of why this is so important is the fact that it removes the discomfort of a chronic condition. But it’s also important in terms of helping a patient feel like they’re not fighting their own body anymore. The Lung Institute is able to help patients use their own body to heal themselves.

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Oncotarget: E-cigarettes can Cause Damage to the Gum Tissue

Last year, the University of Rochester conducted a study about electronic cigars. According to this study, the e- cigarettes are very harmful to the smoker’s teeth and gums. The study was recently published on the Oncotarget, and it states that the e-cigars are just like the regular cigarettes. This study was headed by Irfan Rahman, the current professor of environmental medicine at the School of Dentistry and Medicine. Experts say that this is the first study on the electronic cigars and their adverse effects on human health since they were introduced several years ago.

In the modern world, the electronic cigars are popular among young people. This popularity is said to have increased significantly in the past year because the e-cigars are believed to be classy, healthier and safer when they are compared to the conventional cigars. Before this study, experts in the medical world said that the chemicals found in the cigars were the cause of alarm. However, the recently published study has shown otherwise. Learn more about Oncotarget at

According to the study, the vapors that are used in the electronic cigars are burned, producing inflammatory proteins. The proteins produced are believed to aggravate some stress in the body cells. The stress brings severe damage and this result to several oral complications. The primary mission of the recently completed study is to create awareness among young people who do not understand the effects of the modern equipment. According to the Oncotarget, individuals who smoke the e-cigars experience more effects compared to individuals who smoke less.

The study concluded that the flavoring agent present in the cigars was the cause of the problems smokers were experiencing. According to them, the chemicals in the vapors played the primary role in destroying important cells in the human beings mouth. Young people need to understand that this equipment are not fashionable and safe for their health. The young people addicted to the cigars are still not aware of these effects. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

The Lung Institute Introduces Innovative Therapy

The Age Of Stem Cells

Stem cells are changing the way medicine is practiced in general. We already have examples of the success of stem cells in treating various conditions, but now that treatment is available for lung disease as well. The Lung Institute has recently announced the release of a new line of products aimed at giving patients suffering from chronic lung diseases access to stem cell therapy. So far the success stories are showing patients recovering at better rates and achieving a level of health they may not have found available with more conventional methods.

How This Process Works

The use of stem cells in the human body allows the body to heal itself naturally. Stem cell therapy basically takes stem cells from one part of the body, such as bone marrow, and transfers them to the parts of the body where they are needed. This means that a patient suffering from chronic lung disease would have the stem cells injected into their lungs. After the injections the stem cells cause the body to heal itself naturally. There is little need for intervention from the physician or any intrusive surgeries.

The Patients Tell All

The stories( the patients have to tell give great examples of how effective this therapy is. Patients who were chained to their oxygen tanks can now enjoy life as they wish without any of the issues that so often plague them. John O., a patient suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, is a great example of this. He had spent most of his life suffering from the ailments surrounding his disease, but thanks to stem cells he is now enjoying life as he wants to without any of the previous restrictions he saw.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a medical treatment center specializing in finding ways to treat patients afflicted with various chronic lung related illness. Recently, they have focused on using stem cells to treat patients suffering from chronic conditions and as a way of providing more effective treatment plans for their patients in the end. For more information, visit

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