Securus Technologies helps save lives with Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies has long been a leader in the prison communications and security industry. As one of the first companies to develop video visitation technology, it has played a leading role in bringing one of the most revolutionary new forms of communications to the U.S. prison system. But Securus has also been involved in many other groundbreaking innovations.


One of those is the company’s Wireless Containment System. This novel device was adapted from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan where intercepting enemy communications taking place over cellular networks was a matter of life and death for U.S. servicemen. Based on the U.S. Army’s Stingray technology, the Wireless Containment System takes the same high-powered interdiction apparatus trusted by the U.S. Armed Forces and applies it to the menace of contraband cellphones proliferating throughout the nation’s prisons.


In fact, there are more than a few similarities between the battlefields of the Middle East and those found in the nation’s high-security carceral institutions. The nation’s many jails and prisons are often run by highly organized and violent gangs. These gangs often follow a command structure that is explicitly based on military hierarches. These gangs are organized, professional and ruthless in their pursuit of profits and dominance of illegal markets. Cellphones falling into the hands of gang leadership have caused dire problems throughout the nation’s corrections departments.


Gangs have used contraband cellphones to intimidate witnesses into not cooperating with the police and not testifying in trials involving gang members. This has resulted in hundreds of cases being nullified, setting free some of the most vicious and dangerous criminals in the country, including rapists, murderers and human and drug traffickers.


The gangs were able to take advantage of the easy availability and high efficiency of cellular communications for almost two full decades. But now, Securus Technologies has unveiled a high-tech solution that promises to put a final end to the problem of contraband cellphone proliferation.


With its Wireless Containment System, Securus has found a means that is nearly 100 percent effective in eliminating the ability of those possessing contraband phones to make illegal calls from within the nation’s jails and prisons. The Wireless Containment System is powerful enough that it needed special approval from the FCC in order to be deployed on a widespread basis. But now the company has received the final go-ahead from the nation’s top communications regulator.


Securus estimates that the Wireless Containment System will be deployed at over half of the nation’s correctional facilities by the end of this year. The company still has a virtual monopoly on the anti-cellular interdiction market, and it believes that it will eventually control up to 75 percent of the market share in this extremely important niche.


Securus Technologies Acquiring GovPayNet to Strengthen its Position in Payment Processing Sector

Securus Technologies is one of the premier companies in the correctional field and is also one of the oldest companies in the sector. Securus Technologies has played a pivotal role in not only transforming but also modernizing the corrections space and has helped in the development of modern correctional technologies that are in use now. Securus Technologies believe that it is essential for the penitentiary field to grow and integrate the use of highly advanced technology so that the inmates can be benefitted, and the entire correctional ecosystem is safer and more secure.


Securus Technologies has always been focused on growth, and as a part of its growth strategy, the company recently announced that it had acquired GovPayNet, which is a category leader in the payment processing sector for the government agencies. The services of GovPayNet are provided by more than 2,300 agencies across the country and are active in 35 states, which accounts for more than 26 percent of all the counties in the United States. With more than two decades of experience in the business, GovPayNet has sufficient experience in the industry and is certainly going to help Securus Technologies strengthen its position in the payment processing business.


Securus Technologies has been for long trying to add new businesses to its portfolio, and with GovPayNet, it has been able to do just that. It not only would help the company to add new services to its long list of services that it already provides but would also help in adding more customers. The management of GovPayNet and that of Securus Technologies are happy with the acquisition and believe that the deal would be mutually beneficial for each other to further explore the correctional field and add more valuable clients to the business. The name Securus Technologies has become synonymous with quality and trust in the penitentiary sphere in the last few years, and it continues to live up to the expectations of its customers.

Customers Are Impressed With Securus Technology

Securus gives their customers a great opportunity to leave their comments about their technology features. More customers are choosing a reliable network to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility. Compared to other networks Securus Technologies stands out 10 to 1. Their customers have been able to leave their comments about the technology that has been able to help them save time and money. More Securus customers are beginning to use their customer feedback forum to network with other users and discuss their technology. Their CEO, Rick Smith says, it is very important to include their customers in the process of initiating services with their account.


Preferred Securus Services


Their customers have been glad to have features to eliminate a commute to a correctional facility. Disabled and out-of-town residents have been able to find features which help them stay connected to their loves ones in a correctional facility. For example, their visitation feature remains one of their most popular features and is made possible through a combined effort with video giant Vimeo. You can also leave an inmate a voicemail message for a small fee and it can be retrieved once it is approved by the facility.


Join the reliable Securus Technologies family today.


Securus Technologies warns of consequences of heavy-handed regulations

Like many industries, the prison communication sector has developed relatively fragile ecosystem, where all of the players find themselves in a delicate equilibrium that serves the interests of all. However, the present communication space has long been the target of many different social justice groups. Among these are prisoner rights groups, such as a the Prison Policy Initiative, which seeks to essentially eliminate all private enterprise from the U.S. prison system.


This has led to a concerted effort to strictly regulate the amount of money that can be charged to prisoners to make outgoing phone calls throughout the United States. But many companies, especially Securus Technologies, have vocally opposed any such regulations. They have made the case that, without the ability to charge elastic rates that vary drastically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the entire system would quickly collapse, ultimately leading to prisoners not being able to have access to telecommunications while incarcerated at all.


In fact, this scenario very nearly played out when, in August of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission decided to put a strict cap on outgoing phone call rates paid by prisoners in carceral institutions across the United States. The cap would have limited rates to 21 cents per minute, an amount that, while perhaps making sense in certain institutions, would have left others unable to meet the most basic demands of operating their phone systems.


Together with its archrival, Global Tel Link, Securus was able to file an injunction with a district court in Washington D.C. Ultimately, the regulations were stayed and eventually abandoned. However, Securus is quick to point out that, should be regulations have been allowed to go through and become legally binding, up to half the nation’s prisoners would have immediately lost their ability to stay in touch with their family members on the outside.


Securus Technology- Connecting Detainees to the World

It is the daily communication that we have with our beloved that keeps us together as an item. Long time with no contact would damage the unity a family once had. As the saying goes, “Out of sight out of mind” .Not being able to see someone your close to for a while could hurt at first, however, in a short while the feeling is likely to fade away and move on with your life. That is the human nature. This is why secures technologies is a necessary investment to those of us with close people to us in the penitentiaries.

Securus technologies provide technology to the detainees. The technology gives the prisoners a chance to keep contact with their family member and friends. The relationship build with their family when locked up is important. The communication drives away the bitterness of being locked up and replaces it with the excitement of being released and reuniting. This, therefore, is not only a benefit to the prisoner but also the detention, as there is peace.

Some prisoners are locked up in jail for a relatively long time. With the high levels of technologies, the world changes substantially every day. Coping with life after prison could, therefore, be terrible and confusing if the detainee has never had any contact with the outside world. We have heard cases of prisoners who deliberately commit crime after being released to go back to prison because of this confusion.

Securus Technologies got this in control by coming up with email addresses, which the detainees sign up to see picture and updates of the outside world. This technology gives the inmate an idea on the outside world developments. On being released, the prisoner can quickly adjust to the world and live a normal life with no frustrations.


Rick Smith Changed the Communiaction Industry for Prisons Forever

The communication industry is one of the most essential pieces of a business model nowadays. Ever company needs a dedicated team to handle the communication aspect, and, the larger the company gets, the more it needs an excellent telephone attendance corporation to take care of it.

Prisons and Correction agencies are not different, but the reason why they need a dedicated communication enterprise is distinct.

Securus Technologies, founded in Dallas, Texas, 1986, is the American communication provider that is serving hundreds of correction departments across the United States. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of the corporation, is a specialist in the industry and can safely tell what was needed to ensure a great inmate communication that drove Rick Smith Securus to the number one spot for their clients.

With offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, Securus Technologies is far from a small enterprise. With way more than 2,500 correction facilities using their services, it is one of the most influential names in the niche, and Rick Smith has changed the communication industry, at least for prisons, forever, with some of the changes that he implemented to his business model. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies began on the right foot, introducing for prisons across the country a solution that combined essential security tools like monitoring past calls and analyzing conversations between inmates and their families, as well as an improved communication system that had way better connection quality than the standards for other companies in the same niche.

Rick Smith, entrepreneur of success and extremely dedicated visionary, saw the potential that was not being fulfilled by groups who were already providing communication services for prisons. They did not offer the necessary security conditions that Securus Technologies does. Nowadays, however, these traits, which look essential for a facility that handles criminals, are being provided by every communication provider group for prisons. Rick Smith changed the industry by improving what should be offered to these correction agencies.

Another important aspect and part of the philosophy of the group is the investment in new technology. Since July 2016, Rick Smith invested more than $600 million in keeping their communication services updated and using modern features, like utilizing smartphones for optional communication with a dedicated application that provides the same essential security services of the telephone communication.

Working with the company since 2008, he already had experience being an entrepreneur and managing communications. He already had knowledge of the financial market, the telecommunication department and understood the main strategic decisions of the administration team before him. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Nowadays, under the leadership of the businessman of success, Securus Technologies’ communication services are being used by more than 1,000 inmates as days progress, and it is still better than the standards of other companies in the same niche.

Securus Technologies Preventing Dangerous Crimes

I was recently assigned to a case where a very dangerous fugitive was loose in our town and needed to be found before he hurt someone innocent. This very violent criminal was recently convicted of stabbing two at a club, and he not only was on the loose, he was flaunting it in front of law enforcement. Each time we got close, his support network would help him disappear, so he felt he was untouchable.


When you have family and friends helping to support your criminal activities, it becomes impossible to rely on informants for help. To make matters worse, as soon as we were closing in on the suspect, his support group would call in fake sightings to the police station that we had to waste resources to follow. It was time that I got help from a trusted source that has not let me down this year.


Securus Technologies installed a communication system in the local prison that monitored inmate calls, and it gave us the opportunity to listen to the inmates taking about everything from needing money to sneaking drugs in their cells. My hopes were that someone would slip up and give us a new lead to finally get our suspect behind bard for good.


To the surprise of the other officer in the prison, we got a huge break in the case the very first day. I know that Securus Technologies and all thousand employees are committed to making the world a little it more safe for us all, but these results even impresses the CEO of the company, Richard Smith. One inmate was chatting to family about how he wished he could collect the reward money being offered in this case because he knew the suspect was at his cousin’s house. After we found the dangerous suspect, we slipped a few bucks into that inmates commissary fund for his unknowing help.


Securus Technologies – Ensuring Better Crime Prevention And Inmate Communication Services At Lesser Price

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and crime prevention technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The company is presently offering its services to over 3,450 law enforcement agencies in the country, and its services are used by over 1,200,000 inmates across the United States.


The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to help alleviate the stress from the life of isolation led by the detainees. It also helps with reducing the crime rate inside the prison. Staying in contact with the friends and families helps the prisoners to remain connected with the outside world, and puts a positive impact on their psychological health, which otherwise has the tendency to deteriorate inside the prison. Over the years, Securus Technologies has spent millions in research and development and had over 600 patents to its name.


On an average, Securus Technologies develop and launches one new service each week for the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies also has one of the best customer support in the industry, and recently also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer support training team. Few of the services offered by Securus Technologies include phone services, video services, email messaging services, video visitation, kiosks, money transfer, voicemail messaging, photo services, and more.


Recently, Securus Technologies showcased a series of comments from the many letters written to the company by officials from the law enforcement and crime prevention agencies. The letters showed how useful and efficient the officials believe the company’s services are, and how it is helping them in their day to day operations to catch the offenders and keep criminal activities in check.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for many years and can say without a doubt that they are the best there is in the market. The company also takes care of its customers and has an easily accessible customer care, which makes it even easier for the customers to get their queries resolved.