Traveling Vineyard Offers Tips When Visiting Napa Valley

Traveling Vineyard knows a thing or two about award-winning wine and they have some insights about vacationing in Napa Valley, California’s famous wine country.

Napa wine country has a worldwide fame about it and their soil produces some of the best grapes for upper echelon wine. Of course, you could just tour wineries and experience tastings, but you’d be missing a lot of other fun ideas in Napa Valley.

The Napa Art Walk exhibition is an opportunity to see works from some of the top talents in the country. These sculptures are unique, expressive, one-of-a-kind pieces and they are for sale as well. A spectacular art show in wine country is a great mix and offers a special chance to appreciate beauty, shape, and form.

The Napa Valley Historical Society could be just the ticket for those history buffs among us. They offer a chance to see actual artifacts from the colorful, local history. One can satisfy their curiosity of the area and find out about those who settled Napa. Local historians are available for tours and lectures to shed light on the past.

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Another interesting possibility is the Round Pond Estate and its old-world olive production. Olives grown here are of the highest quality and they are the Mediterranean type which is known the world over. They offer traditional olive oils and craft oils that contain added spices among other things. A guided tour of the mill can provide a glimpse of the ancient methods of production.


The Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is there for those who wish to experience the great outdoors and California’s amazing weather. Mount St. Helena offers a challenging climb to reach the peak and beautiful scenery throughout the trek.

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