Protecting The Rights Of The Minority, An Objective Of Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey

The political nature in the United States is primarily facilitating the increase of human rights groups. The number of people whose rights are offended is also on the rise. However, human rights groups act as the guardians of people’s fundamental rights.

Without these organizations, many people would have suffered under the manipulation of the people who have been given the mandate to lead the society.

Every person should also enjoy undertaking any activity in life without the hindrance of any kind. However, the law usually creates conditions on what people can engage in and what should not be conducted within a particular environment. It is because, if some activities are performed in specific surroundings, they would directly or indirectly infringe on the well-being and rights of other people.

Rules are typically set out to ensure that there are order and tranquility in the entire society. However, there are times when the rules may be used wrongfully, or in a manner that interferes with the fundamental rights of other human beings.

People have many wishes that they intend to fulfill. However, the conditions that are stipulated under the law tend to be a hindrance. Human rights groups, therefore, ensure that people under different situations can enjoy every single right without interference from the legal stipulations.

Activist groups are many thanks to the importance of rights that are associated with human beings. Very many people have benefited in the past as a result of the intervention of activist groups. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Different situations call for the help of human rights groups, and the relief accorded to people in most cases has always ended up being of great importance. Otherwise, most people would have suffered under the oppression of the law, yet every person in the society is meant to live a peaceful life.

Establishing the Frontera Fund was like a dream come true for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. In their line of work, they had experienced the worst type of oppression that any journalist can face. Many of their colleagues were continually being exposed to similar situations as they tried to provide people with information on different vices that existed in the society.

The United States of America has very many Immigrants, and many people are moving into the country in search for jobs while at the same time trying to escape unbearable conditions in their home countries.

The natives, on the hand, tend to be very repulsive toward the idea of having immigrants in their country. They fear that the immigrants will at one point end up taking away most of their resources and jobs.

The repulsion is what usually leads to the aggravation of other people’s rights. In most cases, the victims tend to be the immigrants. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have had a first-hand experience of what most people in the society are put through when being oppressed.

Hence, they ended up establishing an organization that would always stand in the way of those who intend to abuse the rights of others.

Talk Fusion: They Know How To Run A Company

If there ever were a manual on how to run a company, it should be written by Talk Fusion. It all starts with their leader and CEO, Bob Reina. After all, he is the founder of the company and his fingerprints are all over it. He is a great human being, first and foremost. It is great to talk about Talk Fusion, but one can’t talk about Talk Fusion without talking about Bob Reina. He does interviews to promote the product, and he comes across as so humble, kind, gentle, and sincere ( That is because that is who he is in his day-to-day life. When someone is a former police officer, they have been through a lot and experienced a lot on the job. They have real-world experience.


Bob Reina has experience to back up Talk Fusion with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. At this moment, everyone is talking about Talk Fusion, and they are raving about it. One of the things people enjoy the most about the product is how easy it is to use and what a difference it makes in their lives. If someone has a small business, it can be hard to get noticed and it can be hard to get ahead in the game. It is very difficult with so much competition out there, which is why they need Talk Fusion. They need to get their product seen by as many eyes as possible. Learn more:


At the end of the day, the more people that see it, the more people that are going to respond to it, love it, and purchase whatever products someone is selling. With video newsletters and video conferences, it does not matter where someone is located. They can be in touch with them and talk to them about anything and everything regarding the product and the business. We live in a fast paced world and it is important to keep in touch on these sorts of things and stay in the loop. This way, they can focus on business and not waste time. As they say, time is money.


Securus Technologies warns of consequences of heavy-handed regulations

Like many industries, the prison communication sector has developed relatively fragile ecosystem, where all of the players find themselves in a delicate equilibrium that serves the interests of all. However, the present communication space has long been the target of many different social justice groups. Among these are prisoner rights groups, such as a the Prison Policy Initiative, which seeks to essentially eliminate all private enterprise from the U.S. prison system.


This has led to a concerted effort to strictly regulate the amount of money that can be charged to prisoners to make outgoing phone calls throughout the United States. But many companies, especially Securus Technologies, have vocally opposed any such regulations. They have made the case that, without the ability to charge elastic rates that vary drastically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the entire system would quickly collapse, ultimately leading to prisoners not being able to have access to telecommunications while incarcerated at all.


In fact, this scenario very nearly played out when, in August of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission decided to put a strict cap on outgoing phone call rates paid by prisoners in carceral institutions across the United States. The cap would have limited rates to 21 cents per minute, an amount that, while perhaps making sense in certain institutions, would have left others unable to meet the most basic demands of operating their phone systems.


Together with its archrival, Global Tel Link, Securus was able to file an injunction with a district court in Washington D.C. Ultimately, the regulations were stayed and eventually abandoned. However, Securus is quick to point out that, should be regulations have been allowed to go through and become legally binding, up to half the nation’s prisoners would have immediately lost their ability to stay in touch with their family members on the outside.


Todd Lubar on Success and What Drives Him

The real estate and investment veteran Mr. Todd Lubar is today both the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments as well as the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC.

With over twenty years of experience working with both real estate and investment, Mr. Todd Lubar has decided to dedicate his professional career to the two fields of business. Earlier in his career, Todd Lubar also tried working in construction and the entertainment industry, as well as with banking where he focuses on mortgage banking. Now Mr. Todd Lubar ranks among the top 25 mortgage originators throughout all of the United States of America. His very successful company TDL Global Ventures was founded with the ambition to aid people in reaching their goals. As a business veteran, Mr. Todd Lubar has collected a vast amount of useful knowledge from his twenty years of experience working with real estate and investment. The many years of professional working experience are what allows Mr. Todd Lubar to establish and run his successful companies.

Mr. Todd Lubar is a highly driven person. He is analytical and has a strong sense of what makes a business investor reach his goals and achieve success. For Todd Lubar, family and children are an inspiration that prompts him to go forward even when business gets tough to deal with. Todd Lubar is also not averse to scholarly achievements. He respects the education sector and has a passion towards teaching others how to make investments and succeed. Mr. Todd Lubar graduated from the Syracuse University with a major in Rhetoric’s and Speech Communications.

According to, there are a few things in his daily routine that Todd Lubar believes have helped him stay on top of his work. He likes to stay organized and make himself well informed on the new trend in business and investments. Being surrounded by positive and proactive people has also given him a push in the right direction.

Up to date, Mr. Todd Lubar is based in the city of Maryland where he lives with his wife and kids. He makes frequent trips to the office, but he also liked to work from home whenever possible. For more info, visit

Securus Technology- Connecting Detainees to the World

It is the daily communication that we have with our beloved that keeps us together as an item. Long time with no contact would damage the unity a family once had. As the saying goes, “Out of sight out of mind” .Not being able to see someone your close to for a while could hurt at first, however, in a short while the feeling is likely to fade away and move on with your life. That is the human nature. This is why secures technologies is a necessary investment to those of us with close people to us in the penitentiaries.

Securus technologies provide technology to the detainees. The technology gives the prisoners a chance to keep contact with their family member and friends. The relationship build with their family when locked up is important. The communication drives away the bitterness of being locked up and replaces it with the excitement of being released and reuniting. This, therefore, is not only a benefit to the prisoner but also the detention, as there is peace.

Some prisoners are locked up in jail for a relatively long time. With the high levels of technologies, the world changes substantially every day. Coping with life after prison could, therefore, be terrible and confusing if the detainee has never had any contact with the outside world. We have heard cases of prisoners who deliberately commit crime after being released to go back to prison because of this confusion.

Securus Technologies got this in control by coming up with email addresses, which the detainees sign up to see picture and updates of the outside world. This technology gives the inmate an idea on the outside world developments. On being released, the prisoner can quickly adjust to the world and live a normal life with no frustrations.


Have The Best Legal Counsl With Jeremy Goldstein

The realization that New York state bar association has launched an online portal,, reminded me of a journey I traveled some few years ago when looking for a good lawyer. Finding an experienced legal advisor has never been easy. The internet has become a convenient tool indeed to use to get the best of services.


The portal goes a long way to help those looking for competent legal services around the clock. It is notable that many seek this service during times of stress. The hour can come knocking like the proverbial thief who comes unexpectedly. Individuals will neither have to sleep over their problems nor have to wake their friends the following morning with telephone calls enquiring of where to get a well-experienced attorney like I had to do before I was referred to Jeremy Goldstein.


The other advantage I established was the fact that confidentiality has not been eroded in this portal. It is unimaginable getting an attorney to help you in a certain conflict, and everything you exchange is accessed by the wrong people.


The association partnered with one of the best technological platform,, a renowned referrer of legal services. The referral service by the bar has been around for some decades and therefore integrating it into the digital platform was a long called for dispensation. All an individual has to do is log into the portal, describe their issues and current location. The association staffs on line then review and match the raised concerns with a competent lawyer in the individual neighborhood. This service is free, but consultancy, as usual, is charged 35 $, exclusive of matters regarding military and veteran, employment issues, and workers compensation. Personal injuries, as well as social security issues, are also exempted from such charges.


Back then, to find Jeremy Goldstein, I had to ask a friend who had benefited from his services. He was previously a partner at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz before he initially founded his firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate LLC.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein was a match to my expectation and served my purpose. His experience in advising on corporate governance, leadership, and on issues regarding compensation is top notch. A side from his practice, Mr. Goldstein is also involved in charity works, especially with him being on the council of Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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The Great Heights Boraie Development is soaring in Real Estate Market

When Omar Boraie first came up with the idea to revolutionize New Brunswick, many people thought he was way over his head, but here he was decades later with nothing but content in his efforts. Starting in front of the amazing scenery from his office at Albany Street he pictures back in the 1970s when the land had few decaying buildings along the blocks. Despite the mockery, he faced Omar envisioned a greater prospect for New Brunswick his exploration of Europe during its revolution era was enough to motivate Omar towards his dream.

The location of his office was once nothing but a loft of degenerating buildings. Immediately after purchasing the land he worked hard to transform the degenerates to two magnificent towers that constitute of commercial centers with office spaces including his on the eighth floor of Tower One. After this development that took him more than a decade, Omar targeted to tap the growing urgency of high-end residential. People with offices at the two towers were in dire need acquire residential apartments. Omar Boraie here then established the One Spring Street apartments to offer accommodation services for them. With the rise in demand, the building did not stay in the market for long and sold out in a short span. In a recent interview, Omar pointed out giving gratitude to those who believed in his journey to transform New Brunswick to the culture rich town it is today.

Article published through Central Jersey working moms at:

Sam Boraie solely founded Borarie Development LLC in 1986. The company offers services in the urban real estate field encompassing real estate development, sales, marketing and property management. In its years of operation, Boraie Development has developed amazing scrappers to meet the needs of their clients. The company has 35 highly competent personnel whose primary is attaining customer satisfaction.

According to Rutgers, Boraie Development’s current trophy is the Aspire, a 17 story luxurious apartment with a $2,800 monthly charge. The building that is strategically near the train terminal additionally offers offices for lease. Clients have given positive reviews regarding its structure, design and the amenities located in the building. With the real estate market growing, so are the innovative projects by Boraie Development. The company in alliance to the EDA’s Urban Transit Hub Program has worked on a $ 77.2 million worth project set to develop the medical and research programs in New Brunswick. In a year or so Boraie Development plans on developing The Hub, their third commercial site on Albany Street.

Traveling Vineyard Offers Tips When Visiting Napa Valley

Traveling Vineyard knows a thing or two about award-winning wine and they have some insights about vacationing in Napa Valley, California’s famous wine country.

Napa wine country has a worldwide fame about it and their soil produces some of the best grapes for upper echelon wine. Of course, you could just tour wineries and experience tastings, but you’d be missing a lot of other fun ideas in Napa Valley.

The Napa Art Walk exhibition is an opportunity to see works from some of the top talents in the country. These sculptures are unique, expressive, one-of-a-kind pieces and they are for sale as well. A spectacular art show in wine country is a great mix and offers a special chance to appreciate beauty, shape, and form.

The Napa Valley Historical Society could be just the ticket for those history buffs among us. They offer a chance to see actual artifacts from the colorful, local history. One can satisfy their curiosity of the area and find out about those who settled Napa. Local historians are available for tours and lectures to shed light on the past.

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Another interesting possibility is the Round Pond Estate and its old-world olive production. Olives grown here are of the highest quality and they are the Mediterranean type which is known the world over. They offer traditional olive oils and craft oils that contain added spices among other things. A guided tour of the mill can provide a glimpse of the ancient methods of production.


The Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is there for those who wish to experience the great outdoors and California’s amazing weather. Mount St. Helena offers a challenging climb to reach the peak and beautiful scenery throughout the trek.

Traveling Vineyard offers exciting job opportunities for those interested in wine. Their Guides offer in-home wine tastings so customers can experience their award winning wines. There is great flexibility when working for Traveling Vineyard and generous commissions are a part of the sales process.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have detailed mentoring and training programs to help them get started. The Guides purchase a starter kit and have all they need to schedule an in-home demonstration to start their new career.


George Soros Philanthropy and his Political Involvements

Soros George was born in Hungary on 12th August 1930. His family moved to England where he managed to join London School of Economics. He was working as he attended school and after completing school, he made sure to progress in life. Soros went from working as a waiter and railway porter when he was in school to become a bank merchant. He later relocated to New York where he made changes in his life by getting his start on Wall Street and the establishment of his hedge fund which took place in the year 1969. His hedge fund cost him a total of $12 million to establish. George was willing to spend a huge amount of money because he knew what he wanted from what he was establishing. In what he did, he did not look at the amount of money he used but what would come out of it in the long run. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros is known to be a philanthropist. In the year 1979, Soros started to test the proverbial philanthropy waters. Five years after that, George Soros launched his first Open Society Foundations in Hungary. The foundation was named after Karl Popper’s concept, to assist in building vibrant as well as tolerant democracies where administrations show accountability for the citizens. In the year 1987 when he opened his office in Moscow, is when he began to use huge amounts of money meant for supporting various groups as well as causes. Soros states that his spending increased to $300 million in 1992 from $3 million in 1978. This fact gives a clear impression that Soros was determined in offering help to as many organizations as he would. He was focused on making sure he made the best out of the money he was making by using it to offer a helping hand to other people in the society. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

George Soros is known as the millionaire who dialed back his giving. He has committed more than $25 million to offer support to Hillary Clinton as well as other candidates in democratic parties and causes as pointed out in statistics provided by the Federal Election Commission. In 2004, Soros spent $27 million trying to defeat President George W. Bush. Even though he used as much money, he still reemerged as the leading individual funding democratic politics. He is also known to be the leading conservative boogeyman. Soros has spent millions of dollars, and in the few instances he has not succeeded in the political causes he has supported, he has not given up in offering his helping hand whenever he can



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Rick Smith Changed the Communiaction Industry for Prisons Forever

The communication industry is one of the most essential pieces of a business model nowadays. Ever company needs a dedicated team to handle the communication aspect, and, the larger the company gets, the more it needs an excellent telephone attendance corporation to take care of it.

Prisons and Correction agencies are not different, but the reason why they need a dedicated communication enterprise is distinct.

Securus Technologies, founded in Dallas, Texas, 1986, is the American communication provider that is serving hundreds of correction departments across the United States. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of the corporation, is a specialist in the industry and can safely tell what was needed to ensure a great inmate communication that drove Rick Smith Securus to the number one spot for their clients.

With offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, Securus Technologies is far from a small enterprise. With way more than 2,500 correction facilities using their services, it is one of the most influential names in the niche, and Rick Smith has changed the communication industry, at least for prisons, forever, with some of the changes that he implemented to his business model. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies began on the right foot, introducing for prisons across the country a solution that combined essential security tools like monitoring past calls and analyzing conversations between inmates and their families, as well as an improved communication system that had way better connection quality than the standards for other companies in the same niche.

Rick Smith, entrepreneur of success and extremely dedicated visionary, saw the potential that was not being fulfilled by groups who were already providing communication services for prisons. They did not offer the necessary security conditions that Securus Technologies does. Nowadays, however, these traits, which look essential for a facility that handles criminals, are being provided by every communication provider group for prisons. Rick Smith changed the industry by improving what should be offered to these correction agencies.

Another important aspect and part of the philosophy of the group is the investment in new technology. Since July 2016, Rick Smith invested more than $600 million in keeping their communication services updated and using modern features, like utilizing smartphones for optional communication with a dedicated application that provides the same essential security services of the telephone communication.

Working with the company since 2008, he already had experience being an entrepreneur and managing communications. He already had knowledge of the financial market, the telecommunication department and understood the main strategic decisions of the administration team before him. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Nowadays, under the leadership of the businessman of success, Securus Technologies’ communication services are being used by more than 1,000 inmates as days progress, and it is still better than the standards of other companies in the same niche.