A Dating App That Is Also A Networking App, Whitney Wolfe

Business Insider has considered her as one of the 30 Most Important Woman Under 30 in 2014. Whitney Wolfe, 27, and the co-founder of popular dating app Tinder, launched her competitive app Bumble in 2015 with a strong group of women industriously working from one thing to the next. Her own words describe Wolfe’s driven and focused attitude when she said this ,“I don’t remember a night that I didn’t check my email in the middle of the night in the last year,” during her Austin Woman Magazine interview.

Whitney grew up in a not so busy area in Utah and during her younger years lived in France, opening her eyes to the world at a young age of 12. Whitney Wolfe developed an eccentric habit of looking things as how they could be and not how they are.

The concept of Bumble is like other datings apps with one edge, the woman gets to make the first move. This eliminates a lot of the stigma about dating apps being filled with sleazy men trying to message every woman walking the virtual dating app earth.

For the first time ever, there is going to be an official brick-and-mortar store opening in NY where users can use this place as an official meet up point. And on top of this, Wolfe started Bumble BFF, a feature that allows users to connect with people or network instead of singles. Wolfe’s goal with her new BFF concept aligns with her way of viewing happiness. Users can meet up with people of similar interest or network with like-minded individuals. In her Whitney Wolfe’s own words in Austin Woman Magazine, “Happiness is about being somewhere safe and with people you care about, just being able to be happy with whatever your surroundings are, no matter what is going on.”

If you haven’t already checked out the photos of the pop-up shop that are happening on Techcrunch, this Hive, the name of the place, is popping. A yellowish-honey color theme with honeycombs everywhere gives the place a fun, and casual yet unique vibe. And the great thing about this place, it’s open to everyone, not just for users of this app. Check out their event page for more details here.

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Success Starts With Marc Sparks

Understanding business and how to manipulate it to your advantage is a talent not many people can acquire. When failing to acquire that talent business owners turn to people like Marc Sparks. Being an entrepreneur requires an unbreakable imagination and the tenacity to take on risky ventures.

From a young age Marc embodied the very traits required to take on business and took the steps needed to ensure his success, but success doesn’t just come from the victories of a good business. In his book, “They Can’t Eat You“, Marc is quoted saying that there is more to learn from some of his failures than some of his successes. He sees failure as a way to sharpen your skill set for the next venture and in that not make the same mistakes that caused a business to fail, no matter how successful it started.

It can be hard for young business men and women to see the light at the end of the tunnel when starting their first or second business venture. Marc Sparks took the initiative to give a helping guide to the younger generation and pass on his skills of entrepreneurialship.Learn more : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entrepreneur-marc-sparks-transforms-office-to-optimize-innovative-collaboration-300024747.html

It’s all about optimism with Marc, too. He seeks opportunity and isn’t afraid to jump right in on a project with passion and a fierce sense of purpose that other business men sometimes lack. What he does, is help business owners come up with a plan for their business, acquire the assets needed to make that business successful, and bring the attitude needed to see it pull through. Marc Sparks’s need for urgency has earned his reputation the title of “Sparks Speed” that others around him use to get motivated about a project. “Sparks Speed” is the tenacity and drive needed to make a business (or any project) successful.Learn more : http://sparktankdfw.com/

Marc Sparks isn’t just about business, either. In his spare time he helps complete other projects that aren’t revenue based; volunteering at a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. With his skill set, Marc sets out to find disadvantaged people who want to help themselves, but just don’t have the knowledge to do so. With this, The Samaritan Inn provides financial education, job placement programs, family services, and health programs to give disadvantaged people hope for a brighter, more productive future for themselves and their families. It takes a generous and light filled spirit to do the things Marc Sparks has done and is doing; constructing over a dozen homes with Habitat For Humanity isn’t a walk in the park, but Marc still finds a way to shine and be an example to all who observe him.


Hussain Sajwani Invests in DamacGroup

When it comes to successful business ventures, the brand position is a key element to implement. Brand position gives the company a strategic market niche for a huge client base. A perfect brand position highly contributes to a strong brand identity.

With a strong brand identity, the business is better placed in any industry. Additionally, the entrepreneurial networks of a business contribute to its success.Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Great associations with individuals and entities that have succeeded in business have a positive direct impact on business. Most successful and strong brands have exploited such strategies. DamacGroup, a Dubai-based property business is a good example of one of the businesses that have succeeded thanks to great entrepreneurial networks and brand position.


Founded in 2002, DamacGroup has registered exemplary business growth through strong networks and perfect brand positioning. Under the guidance of Hussain Sajwani the owner, DamacGroup provides luxury property for personal and commercial use.

Apart from being a great service provider of luxurious properties, the company has employed over 2,000 people as workers in the property and hospitality industry. Learn more about DAMAC owner: https://www.damacproperties.com/en/investor-relations/corporate-governance/meet-our-board

Even before its completion in 2002, DamacGroup was operational. Its first residential flat sold out within the first months. One of the leisure properties Hussain Sajwani has invested in is the Donald Trump-branded golf clubs. Tiger Woods designed the luxurious property.

By associating with such individuals, Hussain Sajwani has placed his business in a strategic point for growth in stature. Currently, Hussain Sajwani plans to list DamacGroup in the London Stock Exchange list.


In a bid to steer the fluid property industry dominated by the fluctuating prices, Hussain Sajwani has linked DamacGroup with high ranking individuals like President Trump. This is a networking strategy that has given his business a huge client base from high ranking individuals.

Hussain Sajwani is not only a business professional but also a lover of charity. His association with highly placed people in the society paved his way charity. When he owned a food parlor, he invested in catering for the less fortunate in the society.

This was done through other charity foundations across the world. His philanthropy saw him contribute over $ 1 million in a bid to purchase food and clothes for the needy in the society.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: A Businessman Ready To Carry On The Family Legacy

Duda Melzer is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. With entrepreneurship running in his blood, he grew up thinking of business. His grandfather was the founder of RBS Group, a company which is known to be one of the biggest in its sector in the country. Duda Melzer’s actual name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, but he goes by the name of Duda Melzer as that is what people in the industry have come to know him by. He currently leads his family’s company from the position of chairman of the company. Since he took over, he has created an enormous impact on RBS Group, transitioning it into the company that it is today. His expertise and skill in the field are what has enabled him to lead RBS Group in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development. Duda Melzer also serves on the company’s board of directors and is known to be one of the most influential people in the business. Under the umbrella of RBS, he has also started up numerous sub companies like Bricks Digital, which invests in the fast-paced digital sector of Brazil.

In an article on Dino, Duda Melzer has an excellent educational background, which is also one of the reasons why he has become so immensely successful. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University and graduated from there with a degree in business administration. He then went on to achieve his MBA, and also attended numerous courses at the prestigious Harvard University. In addition to working for the family company, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has also stated up various ones of his own. He is the director of Mercosul Biennial – an international art show that showcases work of artists from all around the globe. He is also the owner of Wine.br, which is one of the largest wine e-commerce markets in Brazil.

Check out his website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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Precious Metals From A Precious Company

For those interested in reliable and dependable investment options, they should refer to the U.S. Money Reserve. Moreover, U.S. Many Reserve boasts government-backed precious metals. These include gold, silver, platinum, and so forth. Moreover, The U.S. Money Reserve has remained in business for numerous decades.

In addition, the company has serviced countless investors from all walks of life. Whether an individual investor or a large firm, the U.S. Money Reserve has remained a mainstay throughout the investment community. In the last decade alone, the U.S. Money Reserve has served over 400,000 clients. Not only does the company boast a large install base, their clients also buy from them with confidence.

Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, the U.S. Money reserve remains one of the country’s largest distributors of government-backed coins. Also, the U.S. Money Reserves aims to provide its clients with the utmost level of customer service. Furthermore, their products virtually speak for themselves. In fact, the precious metals found at the company remain fit for a king and queen.

Since its conception, the company’s clients have entrusted them in choosing the highest quality and most suitable products for their investment portfolios. Moreover, many of these individuals remain profitable due to buying from the U.S. Money Reserve.

In addition, the U.S. Money Reserve remains focused on being the most trusted business in their industry. As stated previously, they have assisted numerous people in making the right decisions regarding their investment portfolio.

Furthermore, the company credits its success primarily to gain the trust of its clients, followed by their business. Should customers have questions about gold, silver or platinum, they should refer to the U.S. Money Reserve.

Their account executives remain dedicated and knowledgeable. Moreover, they have the ability to help individuals reach their investment goals. Not only do they listen, they also care and value every company. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve

Recently, the company has launched a television show called the “2016 Gold Summit.” Moreover, the show takes place at the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California. In addition, Larry King served as the moderator. Aside from Larry King, the show also opened its doors to Michael Reagan.

For those unaware, Michael Reagan remains the proud son of president Ronald Reagan. Throughout the program, Reagan details how his son believed that every American citizen had the right to own gold. In addition, the segment enlisted the opinions of three U.S. Money Reserve panelists.

The Lung Institute Is Helping People Breath Easy by Using Their Own Stem Cells

Breathing comes so naturally to most people that they never even think about it. In fact, breathing is unique in being both a conscious and unconscious activity. If people concentrate, they can control the pace of their breathing. But if someone’s not thinking about it breathing will happen unconsciously. It might seem like these offers up a huge amount of control over one’s own lungs. But talk to anyone struggling with chronic lung disease and it’s easy to wish that were true. People with lung conditions don’t really have much choice about whether they want to think about breathing or not. They’re painfully aware of every single breath. And most feel as if they’ve done everything they can to control their own body’s reaction to their condition.

However, the Lung Institute has developed a new way to help patients regain control of their lungs. The treatment actually makes use of the patient’s own body to create an effective new medicine. Behind the scenes, this is obviously a very complex procedure. But it’s quite easy for the patient. When someone comes in they’ll simply have to provide a small sample of bone marrow or blood. This sample is the crux of why the treatment can be so effective, says the PR Web. The medicine isn’t composed of foreign materials that the body will be confused by. Instead, the stem cell therapy is derived from the patient’s own body.

The fact that the material comes from the patient is the key to why it works so well. When the Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy a patient’s body will recognize the material. The patient’s body will assume that the stem cells are no different from any that were produced internally. Because the Lung Institute uses the medicine on a part of the body which supplies blood to the lungs, the stem cells will be shuttled to the perfect spot. From there the stem cells will be able to begin rebuilding damaged areas of the lungs and helping neighboring structures to fortify themselves against disease.

Obviously part of why this is so important is the fact that it removes the discomfort of a chronic condition. But it’s also important in terms of helping a patient feel like they’re not fighting their own body anymore. The Lung Institute is able to help patients use their own body to heal themselves.

For more info, please visit lunginstitute.com.

Reference: https://supplementpolice.com/lung-institute/

Securus Technologies – Ensuring Better Crime Prevention And Inmate Communication Services At Lesser Price

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and crime prevention technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The company is presently offering its services to over 3,450 law enforcement agencies in the country, and its services are used by over 1,200,000 inmates across the United States.


The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to help alleviate the stress from the life of isolation led by the detainees. It also helps with reducing the crime rate inside the prison. Staying in contact with the friends and families helps the prisoners to remain connected with the outside world, and puts a positive impact on their psychological health, which otherwise has the tendency to deteriorate inside the prison. Over the years, Securus Technologies has spent millions in research and development and had over 600 patents to its name.


On an average, Securus Technologies develop and launches one new service each week for the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies also has one of the best customer support in the industry, and recently also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer support training team. Few of the services offered by Securus Technologies include phone services, video services, email messaging services, video visitation, kiosks, money transfer, voicemail messaging, photo services, and more.


Recently, Securus Technologies showcased a series of comments from the many letters written to the company by officials from the law enforcement and crime prevention agencies. The letters showed how useful and efficient the officials believe the company’s services are, and how it is helping them in their day to day operations to catch the offenders and keep criminal activities in check.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for many years and can say without a doubt that they are the best there is in the market. The company also takes care of its customers and has an easily accessible customer care, which makes it even easier for the customers to get their queries resolved.


Betsy DeVos Is Smashing Socioeconomic Discrimination in Public Education

For a very long time, Betsy DeVos has been at the front line in improving education quality and availability. Even during here early years at Calvin College she was extremely active in school politics. She has experience leading campaigns and political committees for over 30 years. She was even the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for a period of time.

Both she and her husband (who was a governor) has taken the initiative for social change. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is at the center of their charitable efforts. Betsy also leads the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. The couple is also active in my religious and children’s’ charity groups. She is also a supporter of the Alliance for School Choice.

As a supporter for school choice, she believes that children should be able to attend schools that are beyond their zip codes. She is also a fan of Milton Friedman and his book The Role of Government in Education. She is proud of the fact that she has helped hundreds of thousands of students get into publicly-funded private school programs. These private schools are realistically the only choice for students to receive a quality education from outside their zip codes. The fact that poor people are essentially stuck in certain public schools is the last forefront of racist segregation in the country.

Betsy Devos had realized the educational issues that low-income parents were facing when they had children themselves. Many parents in their area had sent their children to religious private schools like Potter’s House Christian School in order to keep their kids in a safe environment. Although the parents did not have the budget, they still paid the high fees in desperation to keep their kids safe. Betsy had begun supporting individual students with their educational fees in order to keep them in school.

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Betsy’s husband ran for the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990 to help change the educational issues in the state. They had also started a foundation to give private school scholarships to low-income families. Betsy also served on the board of Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. They had also supported multiple bills to allow tax-credit scholarships and vouchers for private primary schools.

Betsy and her husband had also started the Great Lakes Education Project. This non-profit group has been dedicated to promoting educational reform and expanding charter school availability throughout Michigan. Between 2001 and 2002, they managed to successfully spread awareness of awareness of charter school availability.

At a national level, Florida has had the most amount of success with tax-credit scholarship programs. John Kirtley had successfully passed a number of bills that promoted family choice schools in the state of Florida.

Visit: http://www.betsydevos.com/policy-involvement/

Oncotarget: E-cigarettes can Cause Damage to the Gum Tissue

Last year, the University of Rochester conducted a study about electronic cigars. According to this study, the e- cigarettes are very harmful to the smoker’s teeth and gums. The study was recently published on the Oncotarget, and it states that the e-cigars are just like the regular cigarettes. This study was headed by Irfan Rahman, the current professor of environmental medicine at the School of Dentistry and Medicine. Experts say that this is the first study on the electronic cigars and their adverse effects on human health since they were introduced several years ago.

In the modern world, the electronic cigars are popular among young people. This popularity is said to have increased significantly in the past year because the e-cigars are believed to be classy, healthier and safer when they are compared to the conventional cigars. Before this study, experts in the medical world said that the chemicals found in the cigars were the cause of alarm. However, the recently published study has shown otherwise. Learn more about Oncotarget at researchgate.net

According to the study, the vapors that are used in the electronic cigars are burned, producing inflammatory proteins. The proteins produced are believed to aggravate some stress in the body cells. The stress brings severe damage and this result to several oral complications. The primary mission of the recently completed study is to create awareness among young people who do not understand the effects of the modern equipment. According to the Oncotarget, individuals who smoke the e-cigars experience more effects compared to individuals who smoke less.

The experts discovered that people using the electronic cigars exposed their gums and teeth to vapors from the cigars. The study concluded that the flavoring agent present in the cigars was the cause of the problems smokers were experiencing. According to them, the chemicals in the vapors played the primary role in destroying important cells in the human beings mouth. Young people need to understand that this equipment are not fashionable and safe for their health. The cigars are very harmful, and they can cause serious illnesses such as cancer. The young people addicted to the cigars are still not aware of these effects. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Ending A Celebration Gracefully With Appreciation

One of the most important thing for guests who attend a party is to be recognized and appreciation. After all, they have gone to the celebration event. Therefore, one of the least the host can do is to acknowledge that they have gone to the celebration and give them appreciation for it. After all, a celebration is not the same without them. One thing that a host does not want is an empty event. This is why the host does everything that can be done to make sure that people show up to the event. Therefore, appreciation is something that is given.


It can be a little scary trying to come up with a way to appreciate the customers. Fortunately, one can get suggestions from event planners in New York. They know how to give appreciation to guests. They have a lot of suggestions that could be given to the hosts. One of the best things that event planners can do is brainstorm different options for the host to use. The host can then think about all of these options in order to figure out which one is the best option to use.


The professionals have a lot of ideas and skills to add to any part of the party planning process. They also know the best ways to show appreciation to guests. In the end, Twenty Three Layers is all about giving to their clients. In this sense, they know what they can suggest to the host as to what they can give the guests. Among the things that the host can do is run a contest in which they pull raffles.